A320 Autopilot problem

Since upgrade having issues with speed and altitude/vertical speed - just doesn’t work. Read some advice on here but still none the wiser.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Way too little info to provide any help.

Have the same problem buttons on autopilot not working

Yea I think you need to provide WAY more information than that, & then people will try help. :slight_smile:

  • Is it the flybywire or default?
  • If so, have you tried removing it and reinstalling it? (try another version like the developer version)
  • Are you using a peripheral (Joystick, Yoke etc) or does it not even work with mouse clicks?
  • Since what upgrade? SU5? Loads of people are having issues with peripherals so have you checked your keybindings?
  • Have you done the usual thing of removing everything from your community folder to reduce the chance of conflicts.

I could go on & on!

I’m having the same issue. I can set the altitude, vertical speed and airspeed but i can not click on the button the activate the selected airspeed, vertical speed and altitude. Only the heading works. See the picture below. Its in Dutch but n.v.t. Means not available. Does anyone knows how to fix this without reinstall flight simulator?

Only thing I can suggest is move to legacy mode in options

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a) Switch to the Legacy Mouse Interface (not to be confused with the legacy flight model, keep that on Modern).
b) both APs are off in your screenshots. As it is too long to describe. Become familiar how the A320 is operated. Either A320 SimPilot YouTubes or the Flybywire beginners manual will get you going.

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I did but it didnt help unfortunately.

Thanks, where can you find the mouse interface? I cant find it.

Yeah i will check it on youtube thanks.

Searching this forum for Mouse Interface gives you:


Thanks! That was the solution! Now I can enjoy the autopilot on the a320 again. :relaxed:

a32nx flybywire atc inopérant compteur initialisé sur 100 hdg 0 alt impossible à gerer…

Fully agree and have to add that the entire AP (LG/Multiflight Panel for the B320neo does not work, half way through any flight it keeps crashing to desktop repeatedly as it does with B747!
On a high note flew new JU52(1939) just now VFR and have to give developers a thumbs up! Fabulous, worth the add. cost any time!

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