A320neo FBW checklist, controls unresponsive, screen freezes

Hi folks.

I’ve installed the A320 fly by wire mod using the installer and the latest stable release. After the latest update had been applied (World Update 3)

I then went and setup a flight between EGDD and EGLL to test.
I worked my way through the checklist but found that the checklists were unresponsive and also the controls were unresponsive or the screen would freeze occassionally as you tried to move around the cockpit.

I’ve now removed this completely from the community folder and the performance is back to normal with original supplied A320 neo.

Thought flybywire would like to know. PC Specs are AMD Ryzen 5 3600 with 16Gb DDR4 Ram and Geforce 1660 6Gb Nvidia card, plus a WD 1tb SSD drive

If you want to file a bug with FBW, you need to do it in the issues section of their GitHub page. You can also get help on the FBW discord server. This section of the forum is actually for bugs in the default aircraft.

All of that said, have you deleted the mod and tried reinstalling? I’m running experimental, but haven’t had any problems.

i am pretty sure they have to update their version, so wait a lil, experimental might be good

Not exactly, mods/addons should be discussed in this subcategory:

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If you haven’t tried the mod before, the stable version is not the best version.
It is stable when it is released, after any MSFS sim changes, it is never as stable.
The Custom FlybyWire seems to be the better of the mod versions.

Other mods can cause this affect with any of the A320mod versions
It is important to remove all other mods from your community folder when using it until you get to know which particular mod(s) cause issues.


The only other mod I had in there was the Working title Citation CJ4. Which worked fine. I installed the FBW mod in the vague hope the AP issue would be fixed. I didnt get that far so for now no airbus for me.

The CJ4 mod has been known to affect the A320.
Try removing that mod, then trying the A320.

Currently i am using the master developer version. Despite some rare frame rate drops, everything for me works fine. As a plus, it includes also new cockpit textures and corrected flight dynamics from the UK update. Give it a try. :wink:

So I’ve installed the latest dev version as recommended. That solved the performance issues. However the autopilot isssue remains. Still goes in to a mad right turn promptly killing all on board.

Did you remove the CRJ mod beforehand?

Yes I removed that mod and only used the FBW mod. The only thing I can think of is I am not doing something correctly in the MCDU

If you haven’t seen these before here is where to start to troubleshoot.

With the sim running, if you are on the start up screen, from the top heading, select “Options”, or if you are already in the sim, press “ESC” on the keyboard.

  • Under “General”
    Set “Flight Model” to “Modern”, not “Legacy”.
  • Under “Assists”
    Set all “Piloting” assists to “Off”
  • When you are in the sim, from the “winged” sim icon, Open AI Control (icon to the right of the yoke icon), and ensure that “Control Aircraft” is “Off” (button placed to the left).
  • Next, and quite important, is to add deadzones to each axis for all your controllers. Approximately 5% should be enough, but there have been instances where significantly more was needed.

Do not assume, even if you know how you had these already set, ensure these are this way now.
The last few updates did change some user settings.

Let us know if this helped!

I had all those settings anyway apart from auto rudder. However just ran it again and sure enough. Hit AP and off we go in to a rightward death spiral.
I know this is a problem with the airbus as when I fly the 747-8 it behaves perfectly normal. I even changed the departures to be a bit more like a real departure

Do you have more than one controller plugged in?
Experiment with a larger deadzone?

Done. A few things to note:

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  4. You can feel free to talk about the issue, here, as I see you guys are doing, but you cannot report bugs for anything other than MSFS in these forums.
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I’ve done that. I think what I will do is try following a detailed tutorial step by step and see if that solves. I am sure I am missing something.

The last time I had screen freeze is that I unfreeze it by ALT TAB to another window, and back to MSFS. And the animation continues. It looks like something to do with the window not being the active one, so the sim pauses the sim. So by ALT TAB and returning to MSFS I’m forcing Windows to make my MSFS window the active one, thus resuming the sim.