ACARS Program

I am looking for an ACARS program to use in conjunction with MSFS. However, it needs to use SimConnect only, not FSUIPC7. For some reason my MSFS does not behave correctly with FSUIPC7.

SimToolkitPro will work either way i believe.

The ACARS for my VA is SimConnect too.

Thanks I will check this out

Thanks for the suggestion. This tool is great and it is free!!

Uhm SimToolkitPro has nothing to do with ACARS, it’s an EFB-like implementation.
But what exactly do you look for when asking for ACARS? It doesn’t stand for any specific function, it’s just communication equipment for many purposes.

I am looking for something that will track:

Landing rpm, etc.
Events like overspeed, landing lights on/off at 10K, beacon on when engine on.
Taxi speeds.

That type of stuff.

I am on my first flight with SimToolkitPro so I haven’t seen their log yet. But some of the features are cool for inflight monitoring.

Oh, ok. Then it’s not ACARS what you’re looking for. Maybe you mean ACMS/CMCS stuff that monitors and reports systems and sensors but in fact there are various tools for analysis present.

For landing analysis check this one:

In general, check this thread, there is a flight analysis section:

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There is also Sim Acars which works under MSFS coupled with

Yeah. That is the first one I tried. It requires FSUIPC7 though. FSUIPC7 doesn’t seem to work with my sim.

Have you posted your issue on their forum?

I cant fly without it, the sim does none of my controls, FSUIPC does it all.