Achievement: flight of fancy not progressing

I have 20% progress in jack of all planes, by flying 300nm with the following basic version aircraft:

I have also flown 300nm + with

However, my flight of fancy is only at 66%… I keep an excel where I keep check of these longer flights and check achievement progress after flying. However for some reason it keeps being stuck on 66%.

I have zero mods installed. Community folder is empty.

Anyone ideas?

Here’s a link to a thread about these.

If you look further down it says some people are reporting that hours are not counted with add on liveries. No idea if that’s still true. I didn’t read through the whole thread, so there may be other issues reported.

I have no add-on liveries, just ‘vanilla’ content and still no progress for Jack of All Planes with JMB VL-3.

Are there any other disqualifying factors? Like using time compression or ‘Repair and Refuel’ function?

Time compression, yes I believe so.

I’m going to try this weekend to use a prop (and not a turbo prop), see if that helps… Need to do a 300nm flight anyway for the jack of all planes, so might as well try that to unlock the Flight of Fancy achievement. Will report back here.

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I can confirm that ‘Repair and Refuel’ does not affect achievement progress. Time compression does, indeed. Don’t use it for 300-mile flight achievements. You can use AI control when autopilot is not available and chill while it’s cruising

I was awarded Flight of Fancy after completing flight in Cessna Citation. It’s a jet aircraft needed for achievement. The other two types are airliners (747 or A320) and prop/turboprop (any other piston engine aircraft)

I’m doing my last flight for the Jack of All Planes now, in Cessna 172. Not sure if it’s going to be successful since people reported the game tracks Skyhawk instead. Not sure if this was fixed yet.

With the update of today, while starting up the game, all of a sudden I received the achievement.

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