Add Flight Path Marker (FPM) to G1000 / 3000

Please consider adding the Flight Path Marker to the G1000/3000 w/ synth vision, as in RW.
It’s handy for hand flying and getting correct descent paths into tight spaces.

See page 112

“The Flight Path Marker (FPM), also known as a Velocity Vector, is displayed on the PFD at groundspeeds
above 30 knots. The FPM depicts the approximate projected path of the aircraft accounting for wind speed
and direction relative to the three-dimensional terrain display.
The FPM is always displayed when the Synthetic Terrain feature is in operation. The FPM represents the
direction of the flight path as it relates to the terrain and obstacles on the display, while the airplane symbol
represents the aircraft heading.
The FPM may also be used to identify a possible conflict with the aircraft flight path and distant terrain or
obstacles. Displayed terrain or obstacles in the aircraft’s flight path extending above the FPM could indicate
a potential conflict, even before an alert is issued by TAWS. However, decisions regarding terrain and/or
obstacle avoidance should not be made using only the FPM.”

Also to G3X Touch

The Working Title G1000 mod already has this in development …

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Fulfilled in the following releases:

G1000 NXi