Advice for Todays Update

No need to reame. Trust me :wink:

It’s actually CONTENT.XML, not context. :wink: But yes, I also recommend deleting that file as it contains info for all third party scenery etc that have been loaded into the sim previously. So even if you deleted them from Community, the entries are still in that file as it doesn’t “clean” itself. The sim DOES add new stuff to it though and in the case of the file being deleted, it simply regenerates the new one. So if you want a “clean” install, instead of going through a day worth of downloading the whole sim, just delete this file and empty your community folder. It’s much more time-efficient.

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@BostonJeremy77 And where might that file be found? (MS Store version here…)


oops! sorry I am a little dyslexic, as you can see from my typos! but yes its content.xml.
RE deleting versus renamign… yes I normally delete too, but, i suggest to rename, only in case someone needs it for historical reasons, or requested by a support team… better to have it rather than someone later shouting at me for suggesting to delete it! (You know how it sometimes cna get here!)

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Do we have to backup our controls configuration?

Yes as always because if smth went wrong …


BACKUP whole Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe folder


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I also make a back of my main packages folder in case I have to do a full reinstall.

I am not sure… i woudl say its wise to backup yoru controls, but there is a converse to that, the update may chaneg the controls cfg in a manner that the old one may no longer work if copied back/restored, or worse may cause crashes… so back it up… if you want to be prudent, but dont expect to restore it in all cases… we will know later…

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After reading the comments about what to do to update the SIM. Better format the PC and start again. We will finish sooner. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Guys, system image backup is a must in some cases. If smth went wrong (ms side) you may lose progress, bush trips, settings etc.

It’s always a good idea to keep a backup of your system and msfs settings.

So create system image backup before SU5 update.

@Ju1ius2416 Noone is trying to silence your critism, or anything, however your post is extremely off topic for THIS thread. Feel free to post on a different thread, but i nor others do not appreciate you highjacking this (and possibly other popular threads) to use in this way. It is the very noise i am trying to avoid when i started this thread.


In preparation for sim update 5, rename community folder, delete all current cache. Unistall windows, re install Windows, change your curtains, pack a bag and move to another country…


exactly. if they want all this done, make the update do most of it for us.

I don’t want to but I think I’m going to have to restart the update from the beginning. It specifically says do not turn off the pc or close MSFS but it’s been stuck at 12.09 of the 40.29 gb update and the 30% download hasn’t changed in almost an hour.

I think the update servers crashed - mine is stuck “acquiring licenses”

That’s exactly where mine was stuck at as well.

I restarted my pc.

Two times I have tried to start steam, and it is stuck on the “checking for updates” screen. It’s not going into update mode so basically I am unable to play or download the game.

How long until I can play this game???

I am also stuck at checking for update (after updating everything and restarting sim)

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