AI changes destination when set to handle radio communications

I once had the “request change destination to…” come up while using AI co-pilot for ATC when I was doing an IFR flight and set my approach in the G1000’s Proc menu. When I loaded the approach, it changed the flight plan I guess.

Haven’t done any other IFR flights lately, so don’t know if it’s still doing it. Don’t remember which plane, one of the G1000-having GA planes. :slight_smile:

Might have been stock G1000, might have been the first version of the G1000 NXi, I’m not sure.

Or maybe it was the TBM 930, and the G3000? In either case, definitely not the non-NXi WT mods. Either stock or NXi.

OK. Just did a short hop from Brisbane to Gold Coast in the default A320 with no ORBX scenery (nothing in the community folder). Set the ATC communications to AI control. Set the flight plan from the world map including the Saneg1 Departure. Used “direct” and “automatic” for the arrival into Cooly. Got to just before ATC assigns the approach and wala “requesting change of destination to Cooly”. It’s definately a bug with the AI. I hadn’t even touched the fmc.

That’s not an AI but an FMC bug. I’ve experienced it a few times that if you are using the direct to function, that the waypoint appears as destination as well.

I got it when loading a procedure in a GNS 530.

Do you have any add-ons in your Community folder? If yes, please remove and retest before posting.

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?

Brief description of the issue:
With AI Radio Communications on, when switching over to the Departure frequency the Co-pilot suddenly requests a destination change to the exact same airport.

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Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

  1. Setup a flight plan. For my case:
    Departure: WSSS Gate 114, no runway selected on the World Map
    Arrival: RJTT Gate 114, no runway selected on the World Map
    Select IFR High Altitude Airways

  2. Enable AI Radio Communications assist.

  3. Co-pilot will handle the IFR clearance (for my case to Tokyo, see 1st screenshot)

  4. Taxi and fly out of the departure airport.

  5. After switching to the Departure frequency, the Co-pilot will suddenly request to ATC to change destination, again to Tokyo (see 2nd screenshot).

PC specs for those who want to assist (if not entered in your profile)
Xeon W3690
GTX 970

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:

Are you on the Steam or Microsoft Store version?

Did you submit this to Zendesk? If so, what is your ticket #?


I have been testing some things and it does look like an FMC issue (as suggested by @PZL104), possibly the integration of the flight plan created from the World Map and the FMC.

What I have been trying is to just select the departure airport and gate from the World Map then Fly. I used SimBrief to generate a flight plan, then manually enter everything onto the FMC (departure airport, arrival airport, all of the waypoints, etc.).

With flight plan from World Map: all 4 tries the co-pilot changed destination
With the manual flight plan entry: out of 3 tries, 2 did not change destination. I may have setup something that is the actual trigger on that 1 try however I have not yet pinpointed which one is it.

I have this problem as well.
My experience is that as soon that I make any changes in the FPL like preparing for the arrival and updates the FPL with a STAR the AI requests a destination change. And then I have to do this monkey job of requesting higher FL until I’m back to my present FL.

I tried to turn off the AI+com while making the changes in the FPL. But as soon as I turn the AI+com on he request this destination change.


How sad, only 6 votes, you got mine since it is clearly a bug. But it seems most users either don’t care about what ATC is saying, or they have it disabled and use vatsim or don’t use ATC at all.

This is getting really annoying, it feels like every time now AI keeps doing this. Maybe someone found a workaround or something that won’t trigger the AI to do that?

I also have this happen on every flight. All started with SU5.

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I don’t have this happen on IFR flights
but I always choose an ILS Runway approach.

ATS and AI have no reason to change the flight plan.

This happens to me too. Really annoying.

I too see this problem. Not sure but I wonder if it only the a320nx seeing this issue?

Same problem with destination change request since last sim update.

Happens with cj4 working title and crj 700.

Mainly when changes made in FMS, e.g. DEP/ARR or change Radio frequency or direct waypoint change.

Unfortunately i think the only fix at the moment is deactivate AI co Pilot communication.

I have the same issue and lost the ILS frequency in RADNAV FBW320NX. Then at the ATC windows I asked ATC to ‘’ Vector me to next way point’’ and wallah the ILS freq appears in RADNAV. Hope this may help your situation

Same here. I fly with A32NX flybywire (developer mode). Everytime I load a Flightplan in MSFS2020 and start flying, the AI asks for destination change to the same destination.

for all the airliner FMCs when selecting the approach, transition or STAR and executing the approach, AI co-pilot asks for destination change to existing destination, assigns different altitudes than previous cleared to, and changes the navigation to either a big turn in the opposite direction (previous fix or in one case back to the origin airport some 350+ miles away). Unable to figure out how to proceed direct to the transition fix and actually execute the approach without going for the extended ride to previous fixes. Quite annoying!!

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I’ve stopped using the AI co-pilot for radio comms and am just replying to ATC myself, but I’m also mostly doing VFR flights so can’t say whether this resolves all problems.

Thanks. That is another thing I have not fixed. I no longer get the text of the ATC conversations to respond to. Ideas about that??

That’s occasionally happened to me. Only way I know to fix it is to close down the sim and restart it.

I still can’t find the exact series of steps in the FMC that triggers the issue and unfortunately still not fixed on the latest version. Fortunately they have acknowledged the bug report I submitted but we will still have to wait if they are going to fix it or not.

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