AIG AI Manager and Traffic Controller for MSFS

@Kaiii3 Has there been any update from asobo’s side regarding the AI at all besides what was done in the last update? I know it’s a lot of work that must be done, but I feel that AI has not been on their priority list. Because of that, it seems as if there isn’t much info as to what is being done or what their intentions are. Especially regarding offline ai.

Hopefully we can have offline ai that is as easy to customize as the one in fsx. And that aircraft also behave as in fsx, atleast or a bit better hopefully. I assume that is the dream for mostly all supporting aig. But again, asobo doesn’t give too much info on this. And if they do talk ai, its for live traffic.

after the last SU we had some discussions with Asobo how to implement some AI features and we are waiting now on feedback.


Well, atleast it’s good to hear they’re still in touch.

Its a long time between SU12 and SU13 (relative to previous updates) so hopefully the time is giving them the opportunity to really work on some of these issues.

Great fun using AIG at EGLC right now. Literally no traffic can land because it touches down so far along the runway that it can’t stop and so goes around until it eventually disappears. Of course that applies to all other kinds of traffic, too, it’s a sim issue clearly. With ‘live’ traffic aircraft just appear on the apron as if by magic and taxi to parking.

Even AIFlow doesn’t correct this. Seems like the AI traffic tries to do a 3 degree glideslope when EGLC requires 5.5 degrees.

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It’s a known FS2020 bug with all injected AI traffic – Bug report form here:

Yeah, I know. I thought SU12 was supposed to have improved this, but it doesn’t seem to have done much of anything. That said, EGLC is a special case because of the steep glide slope. If traffic were to begin descent at the usual distance at 3 degrees, on the approach to Runway 09 it would likely hit buildings on the way down because Canary Wharf is kind of in the way :slight_smile:

I don’t expect AI will ever be perfectly true-to-life. It’s just too complex and a true simulation of it would completely destroy your performance. But landing at the start of the runway rather than the middle seems like a pretty straightforward thing to fix, and if I had to guess it’s probably down to a single calculation somewhere as to where the AI should begin descending vs the runway - as in, they’ve calculated it as a 3 degree slope to the runway centre rather than the threshold.

Honestly, this is basic stuff and none of the other sims have had the same kind of persistent problems with AI behaviour for so long.


That’s my feeling too. And it’s kind of exasperating that Asobo seems to be totally shy to issue hotfixes for things like this. I still live in hope that there will be a hotfix coming soon, and we won’t be forced to wait until their next planned “Sim Update” months from now.

Yes. Given that updates are mandatory, it’s not like they would have to worry about some players taking the hotfix and others not. I assume that their QA and release procedures are simply onerous (and expensive) enough that issuing a small fix will only happen if there’s a game-breaking issue affecting most of the players.

Shame. Continuous delivery on a global cloud platform like Azure is eminently possible, and frankly 99% of it should be automated. I know huge organisations that can push changes to live from the time they are committed by the developer in <15 minutes, and errors / omissions are picked up by automated tests that block the go-live if it comes to it. There’s no need to be scared of pushing small changes to live quickly and frequently. Except maybe the first-line support costs, but even then the volume of support requests around infrequent, slow changes probably roughly equates over time to the volume you get from rapid releases.


I never expect it to be perfect. But I would expect it to be atleast on side what fsx had. Not perfect but pretty good either way. I would assume the technology exists to make it a little better

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Guys, I can’t find a workable link for downloading the AI Manager anymore.

Any advice?

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Once again mentioning EGLC, it’s a prime example of ways in which the AI is broken that maybe we haven’t thought about too much. The not-able-to-land issue is a huge one, but it also demonstrates how AI parking is broken.

EGLC is not like most airports, in that aircraft do not park facing the gate and push back. They taxi into the parking spot towards the terminal, but then do a right turn on-the-spot to bring the nose around and end up parking facing away from the gate at about a 25-30 degree angle. When they taxi out, they again turn right on the spot until facing directly away from the terminal, and then taxi forward to the line where they turn right/left depending on which runway they are going to.

This parking system cannot be replicated in MSFS as it stands. Parking spots can only have one taxi path, for one thing, and an arriving AI aircraft will not turn to face the direction of the parking, it will just stop when it’s facing the terminal. I was able to get AI to take a circular path ending in the correct position but only by extending the turn radius of the taxi path well beyond where it’s supposed to go, to the point where the arriving aircraft would likely collide with one in the next parking spot. Departing aircraft will, rather ridiculously, push back (even if you remove pushback from the parking spot) into the terminal building and then try to come out the way they came in.

All of which says that Asobo made some very incorrect assumptions about parking systems. Yes, most airports have a face-in-and-push-back setup, but by no means all. I’m sorry, but that’s poor software design right there.

@Kaiii3 I’m assuming that AIG cannot directly control an aircraft’s taxi path on the fly? So there would be no conceivable way to fix this except by Asobo changing the sim? Since I don’t believe this will ever happen this means EGLC and other non-standard airports will simply never work with AI at all.

Not even sure if this is worth raising as a bug, but now that there are two new EGLC sceneries which at least have the parking positions oriented correctly (ORBX originally just gave up and had aircraft parking facing the terminal, which means taxiing aircraft just plough through their tails) so it’s a replicable bug.


sadly no way at the moment for us to “override” the default taxipath… and as long as we use the internal AI system to handle the injected AI we hav eto wait for Asobo to fix this issue. Maybe it would be worth to create a wishlist topic for it as well :slight_smile:

I created a Wishlist item for fixing the parking / taxi behaviour so that airports like EGLC can be properly modelled:

Extend parking spot and AI parking / taxi behaviour - Microsoft Flight Simulator / Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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I really enjoy AIG and thank you so much for your working. However, beside the AI traffic bugs happen in sim, there are still some minor issues I hope they will be fixed when possible: one of those is the front landing gear of CRJ and A330/ A340 appear to be sinked into ground at almost every airports.

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Our Team has a fix for it already in the making together with sime other stuff.


short update from our side:

  • Major Model update comming (almost all models have been updated) with will focus on performance and some smaller visual improvements (suken wheels)
  • AI Manager update comming with a complete new UI (previews have been shown already) and a simplified OCI process
  • Traffic Controller update comming with a lot of stability fixes, ground service improvements and a not yet revealed feature for even more AI traffic.

We have not set any dates on the releases yet (my time to finish the stuff has been very limited over the last weeks and will be limited till August). But the order of releases will be: AIM->Model->TC because there are some dependencies.


A thousand thanks once again

I know, I may sound repetitive, but how about VFR traffic? Not everyone flies Airliners from big Airports.