All Seychelles airports are missing

There’s loads of companies that specialise in aerial surveying and then the big map companies license their imagery and that’s the detailed imagery you see in Bing and Google etc. For photogrammetry you need multiple angles of everything and a bunch of computing power to generate the 3D imagery, it’s a lot more involved than your basic aerial photography. Aerial survey - Wikipedia

Strange that the aerial imagery would have clouds then, you would think they’d choose their flights more carefully.

The clouds are part of the deal on a tropical island that is surrounded by a lot of warm water and has mountains over 3000 feet high. In the months I spent there there were very few days when the highest one, Morne Setchelles, was not covered in cloud. The scariest thing was when the CAA flew an HS 128 in and out of the clouds and close to the mountains when testing for interferrance from a local radio transmitter.

Missing airports are best reported via Zendesk. Also see this megathread: