Altimeter problems - altitude hold and ATC altitude

I’ve since the beginning have issues with the altimeter, baro settings lower or higher then 29.98, plane descending or ascending to other altitudes when trying to hold a specific altitude, ATC telling me to descend/ascend while I’m already at the altitude I was supposed to be on… etc.

Anyone have any workarounds, since Asobo doesn’t seem able to fix this issue?

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I think all of those are known bugs that they introduced in SU5 because they seem to be better at breaking things than leaving things that work alone…and they don’t currently have a work around.

yesternight i was in a F15 at FL590 < requested altitude , atc keep crying i was 1500 feet higher and needed to decent to 590
so i go fly at FL 575 , atc stop crying , i get transfered to next atc , you are 1500 feet below , go fly at 590.

looks like ‘some’ atc have a altitude bug.

Same here yesterday while flying the PMDG DC6 (problem also on base version planes)…

  • ATC “go to 8000ft, altimeter 30.11.”
  • I set 30.11, when arriving at 8000ft I press altitude hold on. Plane dives to 7800ft… I try holding at 8200ft, planes dips to 8000ft… perfect?
  • ATC “You are 400ft below your assigned altitude”


Well after SU5 my altimeter now reads NEGATIVE 400 feet when I take off and climb. It eventually goes into the positive and some times climbs to the correct altitude. Never saw an altimeter do that in real life flying.

Have this issue also, it’s very annoying, apparently it’s something to do with a live weather bug, so try removing live weather and see if it helps

I can confirm, this issue.Might be more suitable for the bug section that the atilitiude meter is off & pressing b to correct it does nothing either . It also causes ATC to literally be spammed with ascend /descend requests

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