Am I doing something wrong with AI traffic?

Not the live version, but the other one, which is supposed to provide simulated traffic I think ? I set up at Gatwick, it’s turned on with half way settings on the sliders, and I get some airliners rather than a deserted airport, but nothing seems to happen.

Seems to be a bug, nothing wants to come and go while you are at an airport, fly off a mile or so and they start moving?

offline AI provided by the Sim was never a good representation of the real traffic activity at any airport. To get a decent “real world” feeling with offline traffic you need 3rd party AI addons. So far non has been released for MSFS, we at AIG are working on our freeware project but the release will take some time.

For now I would suggest if you want to use offline AI: Set the slider to 100% it wont kill your FPS :wink:

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