AMD 7900 XT, Rift S vs Reverb G2

I got the 7900 XT and was disappointed with the VR performance in my G2. I was going to return the 7900xt but I still have my Rift S, and thought I’d give it a shot. Glad I did. Of course this is not in any way a valid test as I can only simulate the resolution. In the quick test I did, I set the Rift S to 200% resolution and the G2 to 100%, so about 3000x3000 give or take for each. If I set the Rift S down at 1.5x I can get a locked 80FPS and it’s super smooth… I really hope AMD gets the drivers for WMR fixed up soon!

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This confuses me. I have a 6900xt (and a G2) and I get better than you’re showing. The 7900xt surely performs even better than my setup (CPU is 5800x). Are you running the game through Steam? I get problems in Steam but using WMR’s OpenXR the results are great.

Note that I run in DX12, OpenXR at 100% and using FSR Quality and in tougher scenarios when some stutters creep in I’ll move it down to balanced. My fps stays over 40 without stutters. Regarding the game settings, I move everything to the highest setting (usually ultra) and then back it off 1 position. So normally it’s a high value except trees and buldings are medium.

Originally I had a Rift S and switched to the G2. I’d never go back. Anyway, good luck but you should be doing better with the G2.

No, I’m not using the steam version. That test was DX12 at default settings, with both headsets set as close to the same resolution as I could get. I agree, I should be getting better as well. I had a 3070 and the G2 was better on that. The only thing that changed in that test is I used the Rift S with Oculus runtime vs G2 and Windows Open XR. I can get better results using FSR but I wanted to compare the Oculus VR environment to the G2.

I saw in some of the AMD forums that people were having better VR in Oculus, so I thought I’d give it a try.

Nothing confusing here. Since 7900 series release they have this line in release notes.

The confusing part is why (at the same render resolution) is the Oculus 30% faster than the HP G2? If I didn’t have a Rift S to have tried, I might have returned the 7900xt and waited for the month or so (amazon) to get the refund and 4070ti.

I’m happy with the 7900xt, even in MSFS VR using the Rift S. It would be nice if the G2 would work as well.

I wanted to post it here to see if anyone else that might have both a G2 and some other headset can comment on their 7900xt(x) performance.