[ANNOUNCEMENT] Freeware Boeing 767 in development

Hi! We started the project back in October of 2021. We’ve been working on it since, and we have some progress to share!

The photos above show the state of the aircraft and its systems. They’ve been integrated with the Salty systems, which allow the plane’s autopilot to function well. I’ve created a fully custom PFD, upper and bottom EICAS, and animated many elements of the cockpit. The 767 can now be cold and dark started. However, there are still many elements which require improvement! If you’re interested in finding out more about the project, consider joining the Discord server: Lunar Simulations


Typed RW 767 guy at a US Cargo carrier, holler if yall have any questions! Nice work!


Happy to be a part of this project. Happy to see it coming to public.

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Great news, I’ll be following this one.

Lovely, can’t go wrong with free; people will fly this as another jet airliner. But would you consider doing your own system rather than using salty mod And so I’m guessing also that the system is based off from the default 747 with salty mod improvements

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Asking to do their own systems is like asking “Can you run a marathon instead of a 5k?”. I’d assume further in the future they would.


In the future, there is a high chance we will move to entirely new systems. However, that is not planned for a long while, until most of the aircraft is done. Mainly, creating an entirely new FMC/CDU, and new MFD will take a while on their own, as well as creating an entirely new autopilot system, which will also take a while. I believe it’s better that these systems work fine for now, and in the future when everything is more complete, we go back and begin reworking them.

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I’m fully onboard with devs not reinventing the wheel especially on freeware mods. If you can reuse other tried and tested open source systems, it lets you get products out quicker with less resources. This kind of keeps freeware free :slight_smile:

It’s probably one of the main reasons the Headwind A330 is so popular.

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This is awesome, any chance of doing up a Flight Engineer’s panel version as well? I have all the B767-277 manuals from Ansett Airlines

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Looks great! Will this also be released to Xbox after the WASM issues are sorted?

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Hi! Anyone knows if the plane ATR 72 will be in the future in Flight Simulator? Thanks in advance!

This is completely the wrong thread, but yeah, ATR will be released end of this month. Use the search function please. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your help! Im sorry, I know it wasnt the right place to ask but I couldnt find where. Thanks again!

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Any update on when this 767 is coming out ?

Hi there great to see this aircraft will this be for Xbox as well

According to their discord unfortunately that is not possible