[ANNOUNCEMENT] Milford Sound Region, New Zealand | NZA Simulations

Looking awesome! This is such a scenic approach, so will definitely get it!

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Any updates on this? I am asking because…

Working on the trailer at the moment for it. We ended up adding even more content to it and retesting after we made some performance gains, so this pushed the date a little bit. I hate saying soon, and why we dont give dates because of the small last minute things that pop up, but we’re nearly there.


Epic shot! Can’t wait for the release!


Will this be coming to to console’s

The waterfall looks beautiful. Looks like there really are ways to make moving water look good in MSFS :slight_smile: Looking forward to your scenery!!

What happened to the trailer by the way? :slight_smile:

Water simulation is something that really needs to be addressed in MSFS2024. I don’t keep my hopes up we will see anything on that in MSFS2020

Now scheduled for release on 13-SEP and there’s more info on their page.
It looks incredible and is a day one purchase for me at just 20 Euros.


look that how may places!


and expansion package avaible for free on they website

Wow…this is far more than I was expecting for this release. Day 1 purchase for me as well…I see a tour of New Zealand in my not too distant future.

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Thanks, yes we have been working on water for a while. The trick has been not to cause any performance impact and we can say we have come up with an elegant solution to that.

Sergio and myself spent a bit of time working that one out so it looks good., the rest of the team (Kade, Nick, Elijah & Dean) have also been working away on various new things we have introduced. Its been a bit of a complicated beast getting animation working well.

RE: The trailer, it is all done and will be launched on the 13th when its live.


Yes the plan is to have this available on the marketplace however were at the mercy of the ingestion process, but they’re chewing through the ingestion backlog a lot faster these days.

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That’s fine, of ok with ‘it’s here, when it’s here.’

Will the expansion also be available, and will it be free still, on console?

Doubtful it’ll be free, given that the MP doesn’t currently support freeware. It would need to be released as an update, or be included in the original package.

Just bought it (not tried it yet).
Are we supposed to delete the Asobo NZMF and NZMJ from MSFS? Or doesn’t matter?

Edit - removed em. Seemed to work fine.
Hollyford Track Airstrip seems to be labeled NZ34 on my 750 (for those trying to find it :wink: )
Is Olivine Hut Strip NZMF2(GTN750)?
Pyke River Strip is NZMF5…I presume.

Otherwise: Brilliant work NZA!

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I’m assuming you’re on PC. I would go ahead and delete Asobo’s NZMF and NZMJ…I do this now with any Asobo scenery for which I purchase a 3rd party payware product. This minimizes the risk for scenery conflicts.

Edit: Quintin Lodge Airstrip (T004) is also included in NZA’s package. I would delete the Asobo version of this scenery as well.


Sceneries to delete are documented in the PDF file accompanying the product after download.

It’s really quite good (understatement) scenery!

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It is free on their website. Downloaded it today.

Don’t see any .pdf tbh…

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