Annoying assist and messages appearing

After this new update November 18, when you are landing, it’s showing the grids down to the airfield and also if you are coming in too fast it automatically excelerates executing a go around, does anyone know how to get rid of this annoying assist messages etc, it drives me mad, other than that, the sim seems to be very stable.

Yes, it switched to assistance mode EASY automatically. You can change it back via the assistance options menu.
But be aware, updates in the content manager may switch it back again to EASY.

Go into the assist menu and turn everything off again. This update turns everything back on and from what I’ve read, it does it every single flight.

Hahahaah why does it do this every time, it’s so ■■■■ annoying

At least package update in the content manager are causing this switch. But there are definitely other strange triggers doing this switch. Strange…

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Please check all Assistance options, especially in the “Piloting” section. With the update to SU7, they all have been reset to full assistance. This causes a lot of different “issues”, like the one your having.
You can disable them one at the time and retest until you have figured out which setting is causing this.
Start with the assisted take-off and assisted landing settings, I think that is what is interfering.

Every single flight, really.

Trying now

There is a bug, you can vote on

Ok, hey, thanks very much for everyone for getting back to me so quick.

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FWIW, I only saw it reset all the assistance options back on after the update. Once I set everything back the way I wanted it, the settings were retained. Why it’s resetting every flight for some people, I’m not sure I’ve seen any information.

Thanks to everybody
It’s all sorted
I will keep an eye on it after this flight to check if it needs resetting again.
On the last legs of my round the world flight
Started Goose Bay and will finish there.
Travelling Greece to Sofia now.
Following Zara Rutherfords route.
Her real world flight, she is currently stuck in Russia because of bad weather.

Thanks all again. if anyone is interested in her flight.

Do you set to hard or medium?

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