Annoying exterior view sounds since sim update 11

Is anyone else getting loud whistle/engine type sounds randomly when using jet aircraft?
I have noticed this happening in both the A310 and PMDG 737-800.
It happens even when aircraft is cold and dark and when engines are running still overpowers everything.


yes same here

It’s been commented on a few times, and the devs are aware and investigating. It’s the sound of the Jenny aircraft being superimposed onto your own aircraft. It occurs when the Jenny is within a couple of miles of your own aircraft I believe. I had it earlier today at EGGD in the default King Air 350i. It only lasted a minute. Sounded like my cat getting ready for a fight.


Is this your issue?

If so, you may want to contribute to the vote!

I notice the same.

Thanks very much for your reply. Forgive my ignorance, but which aircraft is the jenny?
You think it may solve the issue if I uninstall it?


It’s the Curtiss JN-4 Jenny, one of the new aircraft that came with the recent 40th anniversary update. I guess you could uninstall it. No harm in trying.


It has been confirmed that removing both, Jenny and A310, solves those issues, before final bug/hot fix, which hopefully comes soon(ish).



On Xbox, we don’t have the option to uninstall Asobo aircraft.

Thanks all for your input!

Work around would be to turn off multiplayer mode.

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Good fix is here. It works for me and others also.


Offcourse. Thank you :smiley:

We ask that users use Community Support instead of General Discussion for help. Because this is being caused by another aircraft, I have moved your topic to the Aircraft & Systems subcategory.

This is the fix for me, and I can fly again ‘with’ my engine sound turned up and/or multiplayer turned on. It’s puzzling me as to why these two aircraft were released with such a game-breaking bug in them. It’s also been stated that both were identified as having serious issues during Beta testing, yet here we are, using a community patch…
Anyways, this patch works perfectly folks, use it or wait this bug out for 3 months, if no hotfix comes.