Any way to add motion smoothing to the reverb G2 other than using Steam VR?

I’m getting annoyed by the shakyness of my G2 in cockpit compared to using SteamVR motion smoothing… is there a setting in MSFS to add this kind of smoothing ? I can literally see my heartbeat using the G2 :confused: no joke ! It’s too sensitive but only when using WMR/OpenXR. Too bad the performance is unacceptable on Steam VR.

Have you looked at the post below:

Motion Smoothing is indeed implemented in WMR via the Open XR Developer tools. Enable use "Preview Runtime). This can be installed via the Microsoft Store. It works reasonably well. There are some propeller artifacts but you can try it and see how it works out for you. I am using it comfortably on a 2080Ti/i9900k/HP Reverb G2.

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Are you refering to motion reprojection ON/OFF, or simply preview runtime on?

I have video proof that what he is saying is accurate and it is so shaky now vs before.

My VR videos before with preview runtime on were smooth, great no issues.

My heartbeat, me talking anything, its a nightmare now.

If you are talking about propellor artifacts then I think you are referring to motion reprojection but simply clicking preview runtime on wont help with this.

And I am not sure if you have not tried motion reprojection but it is even worse now than it was before. Before I could barely tollerate it, but when I enable it my FPS tanks, and it is not smooth at all.

9700K OC to 5.0
RTX 3090
32GB ram

First video i recorded, was epic, everything else after has been rough. You can see how jittery this is, its NIGHT and day difference from this 2nd link.

Again, just trying to say that this DOES not seem to work for me, and a few other users in the FB group I am in have said the same.

I also updated OPENXR the day before the SU5 dropped, so I am not sure which is responsible for this. Runtime Preview on does not SMOOTH out anything and Reprojection is not what it used to be. VR Flight Sim guy also said the same and he LOVES reprojection way more than I do lol.

Motion smoothing is different than motion reprojection I think.

In steam VR , motion smoothing makes things less shaky , it’s like a damper.

Motion reprojection creates frames to achieve a “fake” 90 FPS .

So my point is , I would like to have a motion smoothing for my G2. The quest 2 uses steam VR and is way more stable in cockpit view.

But I also noticed that it could probably be fixed/controlled by MSFS since external view seems to be more stable. It feels like external view is dampened by some motion smoothing If that makes sense.

You are correct. My mistake. They are different I was referring to motion reprojection. Apologies reading motion and forgetting about the rest :grinning:.

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