Are crash reports automatically sent to Asobo?

For clarity I’m talking about the MSFS generated report and not the Windows crash log.

I ask this as over the past few days I’ve had more CTDs than the total number I’ve ever had since the sims release. And judging from multiple forum posts I’m not alone in this! I used to never see CTDs now I get them on sim loading, at the world map and (less common) while in flight. Something has changed somewhere. This is not due to SU13 either as I was in the beta for the few months that it ran and had no increased CTD issues. On SU13 official release there were no updates to the beta version I had been running. As usual I’ve tried safe mode MSFS starts etc.

I’d like to think that Asobo know about this increase in CTDs if these reports are indeed automatically sent (but just like the slow download issue reported months ago which is still present) I fear not and we’ll suffer this for months to come…

I think every usage data is automatically sent. As they say in every Q&A that they are constantly working on crashes and fix them. Also they have all the stats of hours flown, aircraft used, etc, etc…
So i assume, there is always data sent to Asobo, especially crashes and errors.

I’m sure I read somewhere (or heard it on a Q&A) that the sim “phoned home” whenever there was a CTD. But it was a long time ago…

Yes, telemetry data (call stacks) for all crashes are received by the development team to be analyzed. These are a much abbreviated version of the MS State Report that is able to be generated by the end user.

That being said, there has not been an abnormal increase in crashes since SU13 from what we have seen at support. The great majority of crashes (historically and since SU13) are still due to conflicts with other software or add on mods. This always occurs after sim updates because the sim itself is changing and mods or software that have worked fine with previous versions of the sim are suddenly conflicting with the updated version.


In addition to what my colleague @BoomUga wrote above, we also have an ongoing testing opportunity for Xbox Series X|S players to send enhanced telemetry and crash reporting data beyond what is already being sent to the devs. For any Xbox players reading this who would like to participate and help the dev team with more detailed crash reports, please see this forum topic for instructions on how to enroll.

Please note that this test build does not include any fixes or stability improvements; the only difference from the live SU13 build is the more detailed data logging and telemetry.


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Is there a Privacy Option, not to have these reports sent (as there is in most other software applications, that ask and can display these reports, before being sent)

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It’s a surprise to hear that there has been no upturn in the number of CTD reports in recent days as I can only repeat my experience that for 3 years since release I must have had at most 4 or 5 CTDs. In the past few days I’ve seen 10-20. These have been spread between the app loading, the world map, the flight loading and in flight. Something has changed somewhere. Lastly I’m not alone in this increase of CTD as you’ll see from the threads by multiple users.

This is what is making me confident that the issue I’m seeing is not due to SU13. I was in the beta for months and didn’t see a single CTD. Yet in the past few days 10-20 CTDs. There was no change in the binary at the end of the beta so my guess returns to it being the CDN we access in Europe. See slow download threads also.

Sorry for my flood of replies but I just wanted to add that in my case I’ve been forcing MSFS safe mode every time I start the sim in order to remove all community and 3rd party addons from being the cause of my issue.

I honestly don’t think there’s enough storage capacity in all the world for them to store them if they did. Prior to SU13, I hadn’t had a CTD in months. Now it’s several times a day.

Yeah my experience is similar but as I’ve said I was in the SU13 beta for a couple of months and didn’t see a CTD so I’m not sure it is to blame.

Can I ask where you are located? USA or Europe for example. Is NJ in your username New Jersey? I ask in an attempt to see if this issue depends on location.

Yes! I agree with everyone! It is an Asobo issue with their servers, for me started about 5 days ago! It crashes once I hit FLY, ir does not matter how you load your flight plan , maybe 1% of the time it loads, however later it crashes during the flight. It is not the Mods, etc have not added anything lately and everything was working fine before after the update! So Asobo please fix your issues so we can fly again!! Can not believe this had not been fixed!!!

I am in Houston, YX USA

Ah you’ve blown up my theory that the issue was localised to Europe!

Can I ask also then what connection speed do you have to your ISP? I’m on a 500mbps connection and today I changed my link speed down to 100mbps - I’ve had no CTDs since - of course with random issues like this it could just be co-incidence and12 hours is not a long test so I’ll keep that setting and report back.

I am on Ethernet 900 Mbps directly to my Aurora Allienware desk top! I believe that I had maybe 1 crash last year! That’s it! Now is all the time! I stop trying to fly until zi hear this is fixed! I don’t see anything coming out of Microsoft nor Asobo.

Ignore this - had a CTD while loading a flight just now :frowning: