Are the Devs even aware of the multiple SU5 specific VR issues?

I’m concerned that as Asobo are due to revisit VR later in the year/early next year that none of the newly introduced issues will be addressed any time soon.

Are they even aware of the issues themselves? Were they logged during the beta process? Are there any concrete plans to fix them any time soon?

I’m talking about the regressions in:

  • Anti Aliasing in menus
  • Anti Aliasing on in flight tool bar and screens
  • Regression on sharpness of the cockpit using Render Scaling
  • Clouds on Ultra looking the same as Medium in SU4
  • Mouse pointer issues where it’s harder to turn knobs, click buttons than in SU4
  • Potential issue with a laggy mouse in cockpit
  • Even worse washed out image in SU5 than before (which was already bad)

“Make a Zendesk report/file a bug” - No, I’m not a beta tester, i didn’t pay full price for a product to be one. The adove issues are blatantly obvious, they should be well known by the Devs but as aforementioned I’m actually concerned they are not.

VR has regressed badly with this update, what are you doing about it Asobo?


Currently your only options to promote that are to open a ticket yourself, create a wishlist thread and/or leave your vote for the existing wish list threads. We all do hope this will increase the chance of fixes being released rather sooner than later.

Yeah the AA of the menus in game are a little annoying. Plese check this guide out to sort the overexposed lighting…

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Just an additional comment after processing the events the last week or so. I strongly believe that all this will be fixed eventually. I have no doubt that this was a rushed release since they committed to a release for xbox. I think we just need to wait a few months before we are back to an even keel. I suspect that there will be additional options added for pc as well fixes and addition Al functionality added for vr. It will come…

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  • AA in menus and Overlays has an issue here (unfortunately misunderstood by many to mean both menu/overlay AA and in-game AA):

  • AA downgrade has an issue here, please vote:

  • Regression of cockpit sharpness has no VR issue associated, so I think we would need to create an issue to be sure. I have noticed it as well - if you create a short issue, I will vote on it.

  • Clouds has been noted in the general Weather issues (e.g. not just VR):

  • I have actually personally enjoyed the new cockpit control system (setting a VOR course is just so much easier in glass cockpits now!) and have not had issues with harder to turn knobs. I think many people refer to a Legacy mode, so maybe try that?

  • Laggy mouse in cockpit → do you perchance have a Logitech Throttle quadrant? This quadrant seems to have a pretty bad internal design that doesn’t isolate it from USB voltage variations, leading to jitter in each axis. When a throttle is at idle, the detente is being triggered and untriggered many times per second, and this seems to interfere with the mouse cockpit mouse. A workaround is to connect this to a powered USB hub, to have each lever at least slightly above idle, or to use a PCIe card for USB port expansion, which will suffer less from voltage variations than cheap motherboards.
    That being said, with the same hardware this was not an issue in SU4, so you can absolutely add a new issue on this.
    A discussion thread about this is here:

  • Washed out image: people seem to have conflagrated this with weird colors here. . As a workaround, for me setting ColorGrading to 0 in the VR section of the UsrConfig file (or whatever the name of that file is) helped.

One you haven’t mentioned is reflections - they’re broken in SU5, dancing around. Make sure to turn them off if flying in VR.

I’m also disappointed with how VR was negatively affected by the patch - it’s quite a downgrade. But I hold hope that things will gradually get fixed.


Awesome response. Thanks for this.


Yeah my main point is that these items shouldn’t need to be Voted on to be seen by Asobo, they should know about them and have plans to fix them regardless, that’s the real issue here IMO. This constant need to report regressions is something we shouldn’t have to do, thanks for the links though i think I’ve ironically voted on them before!

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Most tweaks like this don’t work with VR.

I added this one for the blurrier cockpit labels and indicators if you wish to vote on it:

Your point is well taken and I fully understand and agree - but I feel like if we don’t help ourselves, Asobo won’t either, at least not spontaneously.


Thanks for your summary. Unfortunately I have stoppped upvoting and reporting for VR (unless in beta).
Since release of the VR update exactly none of the reported issues on the overview table in the weekly Dev update have been addressed and changed. I can’t even count how many issues I have reported since december but there is neither any acknowledgement nor any changes based on the table. The list of upvoted issues (and feature requests) is exactly the same. During Q&A VR doesn’t even get a mention.

Don’t get me wrong - I am happy that we can at least fly. I also don’t wante to be just negative about the product that I love & enjoy and appreciate that there are some VR updates in the background but the general reporting/feedback process for VR just seems like a waste of time at this point…


I think it’s fair to assume that as Xbox launch was the priority of Microsoft and that the Xbox has no VR functionality that this has been off Asobo’s radar for a while.

Hopefully now that the console launch has happened they can start to look at all the things they broke for PC and all the other things that they have been pushing to the back of the queue for much of the last 12 months. (Including VR and multi monitor support)

It’s really going to depend on how buggy the console is (reports of CTD’s and possible memory leaks continue on that platform so I don’t think work there is completely done) and whether Microsoft push them to prioritize additional features on the console.

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The article is specifically related to VR. And I can confirm that three of the work arounds listed have greatly improved my vr experience. Again, everyone is having very different results so it may not work for you.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator: The graphics are amazing, here's how they did it -

Which article - the one on

The link is to an article that shows I’m not talking nonsense about the Forza engine hahah.

I was anticipating some abuse hahha

Nope, I meant

Ahh sorry haha. Yeah this one. Sorry I was thinking of anther post. 17

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TBH I don’t see any direct reference to VR in that article? Did I miss something?

I think that VR was added only so that Microsoft could use it as a headline advertising feature for the sim. I stopped using it a few months ago because the cockpit jittering was breaking the immersion for me and was very distracting (Quest 2). Whilst it just about worked I found there were other issues and that it was nothing like as optimised as IL2, Elite Dangerous or DCS.

I am personally not expecting the Devs to revisit VR for some time.