Assistance options get reset to default on every startup

Please remember that the SU14 beta is optional, and there are easy steps you can take to revert back to the live SU13 build until this issue is fixed. Whilst we know this is not the most optimal resolution or workaround for the assistance option reset bug, we’d hate for all of your joy to be killed and much prefer you to be enjoying your time flying the virtual skies! :slight_smile:

The team are still hard at work further investigating this issue, and we will endeavour to provide updates on its status as soon as we are able to do so.

The MSFS Team


Sure. But you know how it is, once the mood is killed.
Going back to SU13 when you know that SU14 has better skies is unfortunately not working for me.

But I am aware that this is what happens with Betas and I understand that fixing takes time and some bugs are not as trivial as they might look (I still bet it is connected to the limitation to a specific server)

I will have to sit it out, i am afraid…

Yeah - guys - I used the ChatGPT - and that was a violation of terms and conditions, and I apologize for that. My apologies everybody.

:frowning: this is a flighting testing forum to report back the issue to asobo, No need to have a go at each other we are on the same team helping the sim expand into fs2024 days and beyond i hope :slight_smile:



Same annoying problem for me.

while this is true, SU13 is still experiencing CTDs zooming in world map with cloud layers on. I guess it’s pick your poison… :rofl:

It continues, yes it does. But they´ve said that it would up until the next WU. Also, I would like to see the my Local Time corrected this time around, It´s been a long wait.
Happy landings.

Has the CTDs zooming in world map issue been fixed in SU14 beta?

I left the beta last week but yes it was working fine.

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Hi folks. I decided to join the SU14 beta program today and installed it through Xbox Insiders (I’m on PC). But I’m facing an issue since then. The “HUD” instruments (external and internal view) keeps showing. I disable all of them in “assistances” menu but as soon as I restart the sim… they are back.

Is anyone having the same issue?

This is a known bug in the beta; the release notes say they will fix it in a later beta release. All of the assistance settings will often get reset on start, and you just have to go in and flip them all back each time until the fix comes in a later beta release.


Thank you!

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so where is the fix ??

Good question.

The Asobo team did say at one point they had a fix, and would include it in a future beta update, but we’ve had two updates since then without the fix.

And the most recent info from the team does not look promising:

So promising an update on the status, but no fix.

This is most annoying. If they do not have a fix for saving/loading from the cloud, they should just let us save the settings locally, as has been suggested several times above. This would be quick and easy, with none of the complications inherent in logging in to the cloud.

This really does not bode well for FS2024, which will be even more internet-dependent.


well i suppose they are putting all there efforts into MSFS2024 Then
i dont know why they bother with beta testing (us) ,if they cant fix the bugs and put them in their beta releases in the first place GOD it is sooo annoying

If this Beta is following the pattern of previous betas, we will get the final version within the next few days and this version will be the one that will release as final build in 2 weeks.

So if they dont want to port the issue to the live version and the bug is not caused by the server limitation of the Beta, we should see a solution soon.

Or they will have to postpone the release.


This is what I’ve been offering them for a year, I’ve been constantly writing to tech support to make a local save to a file, as it was in P3D, but they stubbornly ignore it. They refer to what they will add to the wish lists, but things are not moving.


Did they actually say this? I skimmed back over the mod posts in this thread and didn’t see a fix being announced. The closest I saw was that a fix is coming, but that it’s still under investigation and not to expect it in the beta updates yet.

Comment 321 is what one can expect to be a confirmation that the fix has been found and only needs to be forked to the published build.
Of course that is not what it says exactly and it can be as well interpreted as just a general assurance that this bug will be fixed.