ATC and Natural Language Processing - Speech-to-text - Speech synthesis - Voice Recognition

Is there a way to mute the (ai) co pilot voice? I use MCE which is mainly excellent at “handling” ATC, but when it responds, the co-pilot voice also replies. Have search menus and cant figure this one out…

Would love to answer via voice to ingame ATC instead of clicking at ATC-menue. C’mon guys vote this thing up!!! We need that! :slight_smile:

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Maybe you would like to include Speech-to-text or Speech synthesis in the title, so it’s more clear.

Voice response would be very cool indeed but…

Would windows voice activation have to be enabled for this to work?

I’ve tried to set up Voice Attack in fact to voice activate my responses but…

It simply will not work because some deep flaw in Windows stops windows voice activation from working if you have certain regional settings. (In my case this would appear to be Nordic keyboard despite everything else in my windows install being UK English.)

It would be nice if we could interact with the MSFS2020 controller with voice, we are in the 21st century and the technology exists … Speech recognition. This would allow the radio to be managed with voice, leaving the hands to pilot.

Fonchy (A. Rubio)


Adding to the discussion. This seems like a good idea. But it needs to be handled with care. I would be okay if it’s using a Speech-to-Text recognition that’s built-in to windows that converts my voice to text offline, then send the text message to the MSFS ATC to be read.

But I’m not too comfortable if there’s a direct online connection between my voice to Azure/Cortana to do the speech recognition online. It’s a massive privacy issue that needs to be handled appropriately.


In one of the past video chats, Jörg Neumann hinted that they were working on something revolutionary new regarding ATC interaction. I am pretty sure he was talking about something along these lines. Let’s wait and hope!


There is already an excellent software that has been available to the market for the past ten years (FSX, P3D and now MSFS) that allows you to speak to ATC (default or add-ons), Ground crew, Co-Pilot and Cabin crew, called Multi Crew Experience, it is extremely easy to set-up and use.

The developers have made the effort to always release additional set of voices and check-lists adapted to specific aircraft, your co-pilot will interact with the plane upon your request, etc, etc. There is a free trial version that you can download from their site.

The only present limitation with MSFS (not the fault of MCE though) is that anytime you speak to ATC, your MSFS co-pilot will repeat the same message to ATC!!! I had posted a request some months ago for MSFS/Asobo for them to allow the co-pilot voice to become optional (like in P3D), but no one apparently know what I was talking about.

Time to try MCE and lobby for them to be able to get rid of the part co-pilot.

What would be real cool would be for MSFS to buy over or bring one of the well established ATC product onboard as a developer.

There are a few, P2ATC being one of them. It’s a good application other than the outdated UI and voice packs that are nowhere near Windows offerings,

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I will say I have been flying in MSFS for a about 100 hours now and have been learning a lot. I was in vr and thinking to myself about how much easier things would be if I could just respond to ATC with my voice and then decided to look it up. Seems lots of other feel the same way, also it would be great practice for me because yes, I could use vatsim but feel I would not be up for the standard they are looking for just yet and would love to practice.

You can do what you say if you use MCE (see my post above…)!

Agreed re. privacy.
I would only want to have voice comms in msfs20, if it was for offline use.

VoxATC program runs completely offline in FSX, so here’s hoping the dev brings it over.

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I like Pilot2ATC for this, but it doesn’t interact at all with AI traffic and that kills the realism for me. It knows they are around and will alert the player or tell them to “go around” if there is an incursion on the runway, but that’s it. The AI chatter is nice but still not quite there for me personally. I’d like to see MS do something even if it is basic so they can have a baseline and maybe the modding community can improve upon it somehow or we will know they are listening. It’s 2021; if my car can connect to 4G internet, then there’s no reason we can’t have a basic voice recognition for MSFS built in :slight_smile:

I use the excellent P2ATC all the time when Vatsim is not available, which unfortunately is quite often.

Microsobo will never invest resources into your excellent suggestion however as the sim seems more and more to be directed to the casual simmer/player who would probably never be interested in learning the proper essential protocols by which ATC operate.

Nice idea though.