ATC constantly looping climb/descent instruction to AI

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Deoending on Live Wx and the AI traffic in the area all ATC may be doing is constantly repeating climb or descent instructions to the same AI aircraft around you.
Meanwhile you can’t get a word in edgewise. Looking at these AI aircraft in for example LNM they are 5-10ft high or low.
That is simply not even close to usableATC Follies

Incorrect baro settings (or reading) for AI controlled aircraft. It’s a known defect among others for AI traffic behavior. Seems to be more applicable to Injected (i.e., AI Offline) traffic as you don’t hear so many calls with Live Traffic IIRC.

Incorrect baro settings I know is a known bug, but these aircraft are as I said all within a max 10ft deviation, most actually between 2-5 feet.
That is not baro setting because the kollsman scale doesn’t have three digits behind the decimal point.
Also the same happens with AI flying above FL180 or even FL290 where as far as my certificates go the baro setting is 29.92.
So there has to be more to this than just baro settings.

I have never seen them that small in deviation, and I’ve got a lot of time with AI Offline. Usually it’s in hundreds or thousands of feet deltas. Not to say it’s not happening, but the deviations I’m seeing are quite gross in count.

Could be of interest to you:

Switching to live traffic solves this issue completely for me.

ok…that explains ATC ■■■■■■■■ then :slight_smile:

My connection speed is not exactly stellar here in the Balck Forest. So I have so far stuck with the canned AI.
But I may give that a try just to see how it all copes.