ATC System & Phraseology Discussion

Hi guys, I’ve overhauled my ATC Mod to work properly with SU5 (, it got broken after the update bringing the FAA phraseology improvements to the sim.

I also made a lot of improvements to the Mod itself to the point that I feel I have reached the best compromise now with the current ATC system. Some of the improvements:

  • Approach or Radar now clears for the approach instead of tower, upon check-in with tower the response will simply be “continue approach” followed by landing clearance.
  • “Center” has been replaced by “Radar”
  • “Continue as cleared” is now replaced by the more realistic “radar contact”.
  • RNAV approach is now RNP approach.
  • Phraseology for cruising level changes revised.
  • Vectors for approach removed as FS2020 does not give vectors.
  • Numerous other small tweaks and improvements.
  • Back-up System revised, its 100% safe to use this Mod now as the installer creates a timestamped back-up every time it is run. No more overwriting of original files accidentally.
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