ATC using “decimal” when giving freq. change

I don’t like a mixture between European ATC and US ATC, let’s use one or the other (and soon both in different regions). The current implementation is closer to US phraseology, so let’s make it all US, and then add the European phraseology for Europe.

The advantage of TTS is that there is no need to record new voices to change the phraseology, so it would be good to take full advantage of that.

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Which has been the problem all along.

But the US is not the only country in this world. The majority of countries use “decimal”. As long as we don’t have localised ATC, it should still be decimal instead of point.

Apart from that, there is also a lot of US phraseology implemented, so other countries outside the US are not really represented when it comes to ATC, apart from decimal. I guess you can live with that, as I think this is just a very minor inconvenience. Also, someone posted a fix a few posts above, which states how you can change the words yourself.


Most of the world uses decimal as most of the world follows ICAO phraseology more closely than FAA.


There is nothing European (or American) about the ATC system, its made-up. Still leaning more to the American side, we don’t have flight following in Europe for example. European phraseology is fixed in this mod:


This should be a menu item under settings. Decimal or point, 1200 or 7000 for the Transponder VFR (with the option to manual set VFR squawk for non standard countries).

There are a …lot of different habits and rules over the world (Russia measures altitudes in meter, for example).
I think that ASOBO sticks to ICAO, and standard phraseology is “decimal”.

I don’t think “point” is used anywhere else than in the USA (not even in Canada, if I read their phraseology guide correctly). I don’t understand why FAA never got rid of this old habit which is neither clear or useful.

Anyway : don’t use MSFS ATC (or delegate it to your co-pilot).


Surely the use of point vs decimal is at the bottom of the huge list of improvements that need to be made to the entire ATC system? Let’s not get too focused on the minute details when there are much greater problems to be fixed.

Step 1
They should create a new data tag / attribute to represent the “owner” of each ATC facility.

Chicago Approach - FAA
London Radar - ICAO
Moscow Radar - RUS

Step 2
FAA logic is already mostly built out, even though it’s 1/4 wrong.

Copy/paste the logic for RUS and ICAO

Step 3
Create an evaluation of ATC facility “owner” during callup to select logic branch and phraseology.

Step 4
Fix the phraseology as required within each logic branch.

Steps 1 & 2 can take place during a sim or world update. Step 3 can happen during the following sim or world update. Step 4 can happen as a hot fix.

This way, once the whole user epic is released from steps 1-4, Speedbird 6B crossing the Atlantic would get ICAO ATC over Europe and FAA " ground point niners" and “good days” over US.


Not a fan of “decimal” either but it is in widespread use outside America. I like “point”. As others have said its a single syllable and rolls of the tongue easier when its very busy.

Contact departure on one one niner de-ci-mal seven
Contact departure on one one niner point seven

I totally agree. This is a very minor thing, I wouldn’t even see it as an issue.

Im sure a 3rd party mod will take care of it for those that want such changes.

I think you can just edit this line in the following file:

  "ATCCOM.POINT.0.tts": " DECIMAL ",

“Flight Simulator\Official\OneStore\fs-base\en-US.locPak”

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Official ICAO Annex 10 phraseology stipulates the word “DECIMAL”:

Correction: I see this is already mentioned several times above.

I agree with trex5365 in that I see no reason why ATS procedure cannot be localised (ideally along with accent using Azure), although functional ATC would be a logical first step.


Well… why not do it region aware? ATC could use point and inHg in the US, and decimal (shudder) and mbar everywhere else.