ATR throttle problems with Honeycomb Bravo

That’s what i don’t get, I make no changes and some days it seems to be fine, other days there are issues. I’m not giving up with it though, last night I had quite an enjoyable flight absolutely everything went right, other than the ATC not giving me landing clearance until I was on final after following a IFR flight plan, but that’s nothing to do with the aircraft. Now if I can just figure how to taxi on one engine I think i have it pretty much mastered!

I find i spend more time trying to fix issues than i do flying. Very frustrating,

I feel your pain. I know this is probably the first thing you checked, and hope you don’t feel insulted by me asking, but have you checked you don’t have any other controllers with the assignments bound to those, I actually am an idiot because I did not think about that and I was having an issue with my throttle levers seemingly moving by themselves, I have 2 main flight controls, my Honeycomb yoke for aircraft with yokes, anything else I use a joystick, the joystick has many buttons which I can program and also a throttle lever, I don’t really use that as I have my Honeycomb throttles, as such I have disabled it on all of my aircraft profiles that use the joystick, but at some point it had reverted to the default setting which the throttle is active so I was actually getting 2 control inputs, as soon as I switched it back to an aircraft with the throttle deactivated my throttle problem was fixed.

What are you using for throttles?
Have you checked your assistance settings to ensure there are no assists on?
(they will change by themselves)

Soon as i move the throttles…even about 1mm, they go either fully open or fully closed…nothing in between.
Flaps try to move but remain in the up position.
All assists are off.

I was using the CH Throttle Quadrant but disconnetced that when i purchased the Honey Bravo system.
It only happens with ATR

Have you seen these vids, they may help:

Thanks for your advice input,
Tried numerous times to ‘clean’ and reset as decribed in these videos, but still have the same problem Only with the ATR

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Check there’s not a landing gear binding somewhere that is preventing the flaps moving, I had similar and when one gear lever (aircraft on the ground) was set to down then the flaps became unstuck.

My head is about to explode with the throttles though (TCA), have followed set up guides for assigning axes, sensitivity/linearity, efb for matching to the aircraft and still cannot get sensible response through the throttle range…

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I’ll give it a try. (Out of town for a week).

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