August 10, 2023 Development Update Blog Discussion

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i’ll take it :wink:


What is the version number for the Boeing 307? The version details are blank.

Interesting, I’ll have to check that out! :slightly_smiling_face:


Strange, wasn’t the 737 supposed to receive the micro-update that, according to Randazzo, would arrive on Xbox? I even think it was supposed to be released last week.


Yep. This is a top level fix. One wonders why it’s not in the RN.

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Well, it does its ‘improved’ but not ‘fixed’ but they also said it was too deep in the code to do anything about so they are at least doing things deep in the graphics code (without telling us) which bolsters the notion that cloud graphics are improving in some cases.
I was amazed when I saw that. I wonder what their plan is? … hide the line with haze? blurriness?

For six months, Honeycomb has been advising that the fix for LEDs in the Bravo throttle quadrant on Xbox is coming in SU13 or SU14. What is the status of this fix?

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Working for me in SU13 Beta. :slight_smile:


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Where can I find the Aerolite 103 list of changes?

Gear and warning lights working can’t seem to get autopilot lights on