Auto Tuning for performance

Tuning MSFS2020 to optimize your hardware resources and get the maximum performance out it is a long and tedious process, involving a large learning curve, trial-n-error, etc. I have a home-built gaming PC in which CPU, GPU, and RAM are overclocked. So looking at the system info for what is installed is misleading. I am wondering if some genius has developed a program to run on your PC and appraise it’s performance (benchmark it), and then apply what it discovers to the MSFS2020 settings for you (automatic tuning). Given the huge variances in PC’s, it seems like such a utility would be valuable.

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That’s a good idea. I had a similar one. As a developer I would need access to setting and reading various parameters. These do not seem to be available via SimConnect (which is understandable).

A Ingame Benchmark like Gears of War or Forza horizon have would be awesome and very helpfull


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