Autoland problem a320

Hello all

—Are you on Xbox, Steam or Microsoft Store version?

Playing on xbox

----Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?


------Brief description of the issue:

When i m on final, unable to deleted the autopilot. I disengage the AP and evertything but the plane does an autoland in every final. My approach is by ILS but i can t control the plane on final. What i miss ?

Thanks a lot

Ensure all piloting assists are turned off,
They are in Assistance Options, Piloting,
and as well in the Flight Assistant in the onscreen tool bar.

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I fly without assistance the only one i put is atc when cruising.

The problem is only when i catch the ILS. Before that no problem.

Did you check to confirm none of your settings had changed.
That is about the only thing that will cause this.
MSFS will change your settings without your knowledge at times.
Two of the most common are sim updates and bush trips.

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I doesn t know that. Will try it tommorow thx !

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