Backup function (export / import) for the controls settings

Another vote for this commonsense request. Just lost all my control setting with july 2021 update.

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How the heck is this not a thing? Just got a Bravo and setup a bunch of profiles and looking for a way to do a backup.

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I’d like to have this. Two purposes… 1) sometimes server data gets lost or you get a new account and 2) you’d like to exchange these settings with your friends, e.g. when they buy similar controllers.

For the first purpose, a text file with all settings will do fine. Include General please (graphics, data etc)

For the second purpose, it would be nice when separate groups like Keyboard, Mouse and Controllers can be stored in separate text files. This would allow exchanging settings for a single Controller type, which would be valuable as e.g. a support submit on this forum.

I will add my favourable advice for this.

Since i started to add different profiles for each planes, like someone mentioned above, during update, some key biding deseppear, or change.

Ans yes that will be very smart to have access to the profile files…

Backup all settings existed in FSX I don’t see any reason why we still don’t have this option a year from the go-live

I just started using FS about a week ago. I don’t know why, but my custom key bindings keep vanishing. Sometimes a few of them remain and others are unbound. I’ve only got a total of 7 controller custom binds, but it’s really frustrating.

Almost 1 year ago, @CptLucky8 wrote this, and typically (it would seem), like all his good knowledgeable idea, it has got ignored / forgotten, and worse still, never perused.

But all the information is here, in his post, to enable one to be able to at least know what to backup, to be able to EXPORT/IMPORT these settings files – even if at this point in time, one does not understand their binary content.

While there may be issue/difficulties actually importing or exporting while the sim is running, (sandbox / cache etc), there is no reason why these setup files could not be managed when the sim is not running.

For example: Keeping the last N copies, just before the sim was run, and the ability to restore any of those copies at a later date, before the sim ran.

Getting a restored file “Synced” with the MS server, should also be possible, not sure of exact details, but I have done this before by trial and error.

Whether it could be extended to load a specific pre-planned plane profiles before the sim starts, is another possibility.

YES - it would be nice if all these feature were built into MSFS already, but they are not – (like so many desired features), but that does not mean that the community cannot “Think Outside the Box”, and come up with a temporary/permanent “ADDON” solution.

Who knows, maybe in 2022, someone or some Dev company will come up with “MSFS Backup”, as either a Freeware or a Payware product.

What would YOU pay, to be guaranteed NOT to loose your 100’s of hours of Logbook & Achievements ??

The addon, outside the sim solution would work for PC users, but probably not X-Box users,
Of course, if it we Built into the sim, then it should work for X-Box users as well.


Great sentiments; and yes, I’d pay for a backup ADDON – no problem. :wink:

The ability to export and import profiles would be a very useful addition to the sim.
Apart from anything else, having to re-install the sim unexpectedly after a failed load or update leads to much more work than just reinstalling the software.
If we could export / import profiles, at least that task would be significantly reduced, and complete re-installs would be much easier to perform.
This would also address the issue of not being able to include multiple controllers - just make sure that the correct profile(s) are loaded when you change controllers.
A workable alternative for the more technically minded would be for Microsoft/Asobo publishing just where these profiles are stored, and isolate them sufficiently from other data that they could be swapped out when necessary.


OAPJRG – this is exactly what is needed. Is there someplace we can put in a feature request with microsoft or Asobo? This would indeed solve all problems in one swoop. Kudos.

N6722C I’d be willing to pay up to $30 for this feature. When I started flying MSFS, I only used a controller. Now, I use a StreamDeck, Keyboard, Controller, and a Mouse. So if any of the bindings change – it’s a complete disaster for me. I keep an excel workbook which has all the bindings I’ve changed (for controller, keyboard, and mouse) – but for StreamDeck it’s based primarily off the generic default keyboard bindings (not my custom bindings) – so if / when microsoft changes default keyboard bindings, it’s a very frustrating experience. So, YES – I’d be willing to pay for an app that backs settings.

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I use a script to start MSFS, that, before actually starting MSFS, does some file edits to MSFS files, as well as backing up all configuration and profile files, including Log Book.

Restore , I have not yet perfected, its a bit hit & miss, as one has to fool the server sync, not to overwrite your restored setting when MSFS next loads.

Also has a Splash screen … (67.4 KB)

FREE as well – use at your own risk … ( No support – you get what you pay for !! )

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Just go to the top of this thread and vote.

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Yeah, I had already voted here. This is the best place to get the developers’ attention?

Wow… this is fabulous. What do we do with the .pln file? And when do you have the best results getting the backup to sync up to their servers?

I was hoping I would not have to spelll that out @@@ lol

Remove the .pln and unzip the resulting .zip file into a New Folder.

You will have to check the (text) .bat files to make sure of correct folder / usernames etc.
If you are not comfortable doing that, then don’t – or get some help from a friend.

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LOL… gotchya! I was wondering why there were two extensions. :wink:

I’m not a coder (I know, a big shock); nonetheless, is there anything I can do to help you get this thing working? I’m good at documenting.

The thing does work, I made it for my own use, but then decided to share it with the community. I really do not have the time to do any sort of support, but it hardly needs it – it’s just a simple pair of Batch file.
If anyone has any issues with it, I am sure there are 100’s (1000’s) in this community that can help them…

Those numbers are the ones that determine where in the future development list everything sits. Be aware, they don’t necessarily only address the top of the list, and if something further down strikes them as a good idea easy to implement, they are likely to cherry pick that over a much more voted for wish that they aren’t looking forward to doing / don’t have the skills/technology to complete quickly.

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Really disappointing this doesn’t make its way to Asobo’s attention. Sim Update 9 has just landed and I’d love to take it for a spin, only to find my mappings are gone. And then I play spreadsheet simulator for 20 minutes, always forgetting a few each time, or they’ve moved or been renamed.

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