Bad model matching (GA): is it just me?

Whenever I see a low-wing C172 taxiing past me, I wonder whether the model matching shouldn’t be able to put an actual C172 in a random livery in my game, instead of falling back to the Asobo Generic model, just because I don’t have the exact livery that the other player is using.

If I really don’t have an aircraft model installed, the model matching should take more properties into account: e.g. wings low or high, fixed gear or retractable, tricycle or taildragger. It seems what I see in the game is a match based only on aircraft “class” (GA, Turboprop, Business Jet, Airliner) and number of engines.

When Microsoft licenses an aircraft for a market place release, they should ensure the ability to distribute the 3d model and the standard liveries to all MFS users to ensure an accurate representation in the multiplayer environment (also setting an example for 3rd party devs). At first, I did in fact believe Jörg’s claims that this was difficult… but I feel the release of the Ju 52 indicates that Microsoft doesn’t even try to make the 3d model and liveries available to all users.

If you know of a bug or wishlist item about this issue that I could vote for, please link to it in the comments.
If there isn’t one, would you vote for mine?


There is a wishlist item.


Thanks so much. My search-fu was weak.

Topic author was referred to an existing wishlist request and indicated solution. Closing to avoid splitting the discussion on an active request. Feel free to continue as linked above.