Bell 407

i tried and could not control it from spinning around!! The old FSX Helicopters worked from day one and were not hard to control. I even tried to turn on all the assist for the Helicopters under Assist menu
with no luck!! come on Microsoft what’s going on!!! i was able to fly FSX Helicopters without rudder pedals? A stick with a twist for rudders should work.

I’ve seen several Youtube video’s today flying the Bell they are not having any trouble flying
at all? what are they doing that i am not?

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Check that your rudder axis is not reversed. Everything is correct for me: 407 hovers with left pedal and Cabri hovers with right pedal.


For one, FSX was not a good helicopter simulation so I would not use that as a benchmark. Unfortunately, I think you’re going to have a bad time flying helis with that twist grip because both of the new helis require continuous pedal input to some degree. You can try turning on the helicopter pedal assist (but it should be on by default).


checking, maybe it was just a glitch…

Hello guys !!

Somebody can help me in order to setup axes for Cabri and Bell407 ?

I’m able to configure correctly the cyclic and anti-torque but i dont find the preset for collective and throttle in list ?

Is there the only way to use collectvie as an throttle ?

first of all Microsoft should not force anybody to buy a rudder pedal product to fly a Helicopter.
I was able to fly the H135 just fine without rudder pedals. I know H135 is a after market product
why were they able to figure out proper dynamics without the need for rudder pedals. I would
bet that the majority of simmers do not have rudder pedals. And why is it that i can fly the pelican
with no rudder pedals i know the physics is not the same but i can use the twist on my joy stick
to rotate the Pelican with great control. If i need to assign a new set of bindings to make the helicopters work then Microsoft should publish some directions.

There definitely are new axes for collective and for helicopter throttle. Try searching again. But, if you bind the standard throttle axis it will work as collective, and prop pitch will function as throttle.

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No one is forcing you to buy anything. The other thing you could try is changing the sensitivity of your twist grip axis.

Comparing these aircraft to the H135 is a bit apples & oranges. First, the actual H135 has stability augmentation, etc. Second, HPG H135 is not using an actual helicopter flight model. It is fundamentally an airplane as far as MSFS is concerned, with the physics being augmented by custom modules. If you compare it to a similar heli in X-plane (which is regarded as a good sim for helis), or even a current version of HPG’s H145 for that matter, the H135 is much, much more stable. I also do not buy the accuracy of the H135 if, as you say, you can lift with putting barely any pedal in. But hey, if you like flying that one then keep flying it! This is supposed to be fun.


Oh haha! So you did the tail for my N140J paint. THanks again!

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I tried the 407. Started out by slowly lifting 3’ off the ground and hover for a few, then applied rudder and turned 360 left and right. Inputs are very touchy. Like someone said earlier, fingertips is all thats needed.
After about 30 min I took off from KLAX and flew to downtown LA and landed on top of a building. Worked ok. (well the skylight needs replacement but the 407 was ok)
anyhow very little input and apply throttle slooooowly is what worked for me.


I must say I am quite pleased with the flight modelling / controls. I fly with a MS SWFFB2 joystick that has twist rudder and small axis throttle. I found both helicopters quite nice for take-off / landing and flying around. I disabled all Helicopters assists prior to firing it up.

Having said that, I fly a lot of DCS Helicopters with this stick and also flew helicopters in XP11 so I have become very used to flying helicopters I guess. The main difference I found was the friction from the ground on initial take-off is either on/off and there was less transition so the “rudder” correction is a bit more sudden in MSFS.

Slow collective / rudder inputs is the key to flying helicopters (especially with sticks that have short throw).

But all in all, very happy.


Thank you for posting! Pretty much everything you said was exactly what I had to say about this aircraft, as much as it is beautiful, it is lacking and feels unpolished.
A shame as this is my preferred Helicopter of choice out of the launch two (No Bell 206!? They missed this somehow).

The only other thing that I would add to this, unless I am doing something wrong, is that the rotorbrake doesn’t seem to work / have any effect. You click it and it turns on then fairly quickly back off again (approx a 2 second animation of the handle travel) but I can’t get it to stay on and or slow the blades.

I appreciate this is only day 1 of release, but surely they would have this kind of thing working.

My other main gripe is when landing, I like to slow the engine / reduce the throttle. But as ur2tall has said, the throttle does literally nothing apart from shutoff / off position. Shame. Also heatwaves / blur from exhaust, maybe a little puff of smoke upon engine ignition… These little things go a long way into making the game look and feel more realistic.

Please Osobo, make this Heli amazing!


Good point on the rotor brake. Never got around to trying it myself, but I think others have mentioned it too.

I believe the 407 was done by Nemeth Designs. All of the other “official partner” aircraft included in MSFS40 that I’ve tried so far (A310, DC-3, Beaver) are of really high quality, but this one seems to be the exception.

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First impressions are really positive. I started a flight Cold and Dark and with assists OFF. I definitely recommend rudder pedals if you’re going to turn the assists off though. But I was able to take off, hover, get into forward flight, turn around and land within ~50m of where I was aiming. Last time I flew heli’s was DCS, and I must say, I’m impressed with how it feels in MSFS. Well done Asobo.

I did have one question though, is there a “Force Trim” button or something we can assign to take the pressure off the cyclic (center it with a joystick) during flight? I know the Bell 407 should have a force trim system, just wondering if that’s implemented in MSFS.

Funny how everyone asks that question but no one bothers to look back in the thread to see the answer.

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What is the answer? I have looked at this thread many times, and I can’t find an answer…

So far, it flies great, It may not be as purely acccurate as the XP11 Bell 407, but for MSFS, it should get a little improvment on how this aircaft behaves especially when starting it up, it shouldn’t have the full powered throttled sound on idle, it should sound different like low pitched sound. I also thought I wished you can add/remove things, I wanted to take the damper disk off the top of the rotor and add cable cutters, and even a spotlight and camera(FLIR) I’m sure there’ll be mod for it soon!


Awkwardly quoting myself: “That function does not seem to exist yet. But, you can use the hat trim if you bind the new “rotor trim” commands.”

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Thanks, I appreciate it, but “does not seem to exist yet” is not a definite answer. Would be nice if we could get a definite answer from a dev or something. Again, appreciate the answer, though!