Best settings for my new rig?

Hi guys, I’ve just upgraded my PC in order to enjoy more MSFS, however I’m still encountering some stutterings, especially in some payware airports like LEMD. My former rig was i7-7700k with an GTX1070 and 32 Gb RAM (2133 mhz), whereas my new rig is i7-11700K with a RTX3060 and 32 Gb RAM (3200 mhz).
What settings should I choose (both in the sim and in the Nvidia Contro Panel) in order to obtain the maximum enjoyment? Thanks in advance

The answer will depend on what resolution you are playing.

Mostly high and some ultra but again depends on resolution aswell

Full HD resolution

No that is not correct?

1080p for example?

Yes, 1920x1080

There is a full thread on graphic settings but I would go with mainly high and some ultra

Read this thread. I just resolved my stuttering issues today thanks to what @Grabber523 said

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Thanks for your advice…I’ll try and tune the sim following those tips

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