Beta/Alpha liverys - missing?

Just wonder what happened with the Alpha/beta liverys?
I got the Aviator club ones but not the Alpha/beta ones…

did you download them from the marketplace or content manager?

Only aviators club ones available there…

hmm have you been alpha and beta tester on this account?

i definitely saw some flying around so they were available with last patch.

Yeah, I’ve been using the same all the time :confused:

Send a support ticket to Zendesk. Make sure you log in to Zendesk with your sim/alpha account.

Sent but no answer! Been using the same MS account email the whole time.
Only thing changed between alpha/beta and the public release is my xbox nickname.

Same happens here, i change nicknane too.
Zendesk ticket send.

As allways, it´s just a robot answering at Zendesk!

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3 days later and no response on the Zendesk support…

I was taking part in the VR Beta - I don’t see any Beta/Alpha liveries. Do these free liveries apply also for the VR Beta testerst?

As far as I know, they were for the sim alpha/beta testers. Though I am happy to be proven wrong.


Alpha/Beta liverys was pushed out as an update for me!
No answer on Zendesk though so it came as an surprise.

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