Bigger Signs in VR, no Popsicle Sign, Connect Ribbon with PLATE we mark Gate/Parking

Make any EFB be 4x bigger for VR and in ALL Planes with holders as in VR even on the G2 we can not read signs at all well to be useful. Better still that you add EXPORT TAXI STAND from a PLATE we mark in EFB (allow it to be 4x Bigger in VR also) and then we use TAXI RIBBON but without the daft BIG CIRCLE POPSICLE with Distance and direction on it 2ft in front of our faces in the CRJ (further away for others but not needed).

Shouldn’t thing in VR be the same scale as they are in real life? Are you sure this isn’t your actual problem:

Totally agree. I don’t want things being unrealistically large (or small) while I’m using VR. The whole point of VR done well is to make everything appear a realistic size.

Sometimes I can’t read the taxiway signs either, but that’s simply a limit of current VR technology and resolution. Just my opinion, but the last thing I want when being immersed in VR is massive signs screaming at me, “You are not in a real plane or at a real airport! You are in Virtual Reality! This is all Fake!!”