Bijan Seasons

Since the update can someone tell me why my Bijan Seasons that I bought and -paid for no longer works, it hangs up the MSFS when loading a flight. Thanks a lot unbelievable! Did these brilliant designers add season change for us? Couldn’t they at least fix the bridges? Maybe some fireworks.

Ditto for me - it took me a while to zero in on Bijan Seasons as the culprit for hanging up when loading a flight.

The one good thing is that he is very quick with updates - hopefully we will get a working version again soon.

Lots of third-party addons got broken by the update. This was expected, and while it would be nice if Asobo would bring third party developers a bit more into the loop before updates than they seem to now, it’s not Asobo’s responsibility to freeze updates for the sake of third party mods or work around them. It’s up to the developers of the addon to patch their products to keep up with changes to the sim. Nothing to do but wait for the Bijan Seasons author to release an update.

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Bijan’s Seasons v6 is SU5 compatible, the update should be available from wherever you bought it.


Yesterday, Bijan already released an update for SU5
It loads and works perfectly.
4 Season Pack update v6

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Thanks! I think I may have missed the last one.

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Would also be nice if there were a way to have insight into what the sim is doing, so it is easier to pinpoint which files are causing CTDs/hangs. X-plane, for example, provides a log file in its directory that lets the user see the what’s been loaded, and even the specific file/package that caused a CTD.

Bijan released an update yesterday. Unfortunately if you bought it from the in-game market I don’t believe that is updated yet. SimMarket has V6 downloadable. Also there’s a very exhaustive thread with a lot of back and forth and collaboration between Bijan and the community you should check out: 4 Season Pack - Multi Season - Version 6 is released for Sim Update 5


…and all you had to do was go to the official thread for this product and you would have known for a couple of weeks that the old version would crash the sim and a new version was released with SU5. Still, why not have a good rant before doing any research :wink:


Already updated on simmarket I believe.

If you bought it on MP like me this is still the old version and should not be used for SU5. My understanding is that Bijan sent an updated file to MP but that the MP has not yet updated it.

Any one who bought it from marketplace can request an updated file from me. Just send a screenshot of the season you bought from market place and email to and I send the files right away.

Why do they do this update garbage for yeas MS sells us a bill of goods and then tries to fix it after they get our money what a bunch of garbage I am not that impressed ,with MSFS at all The graphics are great but the rest is just another XBox bull wish I had spent my hundred bucks on beer instead I have gotten ten times more enjoyment with FS9 and FSX

So what exactly are you complaining about now that both the cause of your issue with the seasons add-on and the solution have been explained?


Yeah…lets go back to the FSX days of one patch after release then nothing… leaving the community to fix it up for the next 10 years. Sounds great!

Do you not understand that these days a product with a 10 year lifespan will be constantly improved?

Honestly it looks like you need to actually read about things before you buy them. I was well aware months before release that MSFS would be a constantly updated product. If you dont like long term, ever evolving projects dont buy into them. It’s not rocket science.

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Since a solution has been kindly offered in advance of the marketplace item being updated I am closing the thread.

I hope everyone can enjoy many more pleasant flights :smiley: