Bing Data causing crashes with add-on Airports or Scenery

I think you don´t understand completely: my install is pure FS2020 only (no community mods), running off-line and fs2020 crashes every time the plane is airborne!
There must be a solution created instantly!

About 2 days too late…


As least you get airborne…Im getting CTD Taxing to runway

Try deleting your manual/rolling cache, then try again.

I did last night made no diffrence

Then, with respect, it’s not the cause of your CTDs. It’s worked for everybody else.

With respect No idea where you get this that idea from as many are still having this problem after deleting Cache…It makes no diffrence on 3rd party airports!

Just to be clear as people seem confused.

This issue ALSO EFFECTS third party addons from the Marketplace it is not just a community folder thing.

for me it’s EDDH / EDDL with ctd

O s***. Five hours wasted Sunday evening, investigating the reason for CTD on my end :frowning:

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I have CTD sind 1 or 2 weeks at addon airports. Seen in LEIB, EDDK, EDDL, EDDM (others not testet). Some while Loading a flight, others after getting to 150+ feet, more on approaches. I also experienced switchung off BING Data solved the problem (make sure to delete your cache!).
But who wants to fly without the great bing data. Hope they fix it soon, should be a reconstructable problem (surely helps).

Can anyone please explain how to turn off Bing Data? Thanks in advance!

So time to go transatlantic or transpacific, where bing maps do not matter.

In the spirit of managing expectation, is there any chance the Mods/Community Manager can get an explicit statement out of Asobo on whether this issue will delay tomorrow planned release.

I don’t think anyone wants a repeat of Thursdays last minute announcement.

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Look Options - General - Data, the second entry is Bing Data. Further below near the end of the list is the cache.

To turn off Big Data lauch FS2020, go to settings - general - Data, Disable on-line mode. Fly & have fun!
For me it works only with rolling cache switched off!

Do you have any marketplace purchases of any airports? If you are an MS Store user, these do not sit under “Community”. I can’t speak for Steam users.

I cleared my rolling cache before doing the modification but turned it back on with no further problems.

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your posts and reactivity.
The team is investigating. We will update you as soon as we have more information to share here:

I’m closing this thread, thanks again for your reports!