Blurry from a far. Clear when up close? Cockpit specific

Anyone else experience this? I notice in the cockpit most of the closer areas/buttons are nice and clearf but the PFD and the MFD are just sop blurry I can not even read them. If I zoom in it is clear. Anyone have a fix for this? I am running top of the line RTX 3090 and a Ryzen Threadripper CPU so I have the power but not sure why it is so blurry at a far.

Thank you!

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I f you supersamle it will be less blurry but il will cost fps

What headset are you using? This is mostly a resolution issue, even the highest resolution headsets like the G2 have this problem, although of course way less prominent.

Try setting the render scale to 130 to see if that makes things clearer (it does for me).

I have a valve index.

Also getting this issue. Really annoying to have everything else working good but unable to read cockpit


It’s a resolution issue… you have to super sample to mitigate it. The actual resolution of the textures in VR seems to be way worse than the ones in 2D view mode. I wish they implemented the quality on a different manner. Even the ground textures look super blurry if you don’t go past 100% on the render resolution slider. I personally have it set to 170% on my rtx3080. To eliminate stutters I turned off and lowered settings. Buildings quality is low, ambient occlusion is turned off completely and this made a massive difference getting rid of stuttering. Clouds are set to high, and I lower the shadows to their lowest possible setting. This changes made a massive difference mitigating the blurry ness on the Airbus A320. It’s still blurry but not completely trash like it is with the default setting.

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I have super sampling turned on in the steamVR settings. Not sure what else to do.

I will try bumping the resolution up. Usually when I do that the game runs super slow. I will try to mess with the settings some more also.

Any luck on this issue?

You might want to read this, it might help you (or not):

My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestions (Valve Index)

You can really make EFIS more legible with the Index and I’m describing how (hint: TAA100 SS78 but with the 3090 I’m certain you can do TAA120 SS100)

Thank you! That helped a ton. However, I do notice a good drop in FPS in 2D now.

I have this issue as well with the Rift S . I will try and up the resolution. but without putting my nose right on the screens I cant read them , very annoying and takes the immersion out if it.

Currenlty have a quest 2, any specific settings I can do to help out?

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