Bonanza air speed

The Bonanza has a cruise speed of 172 knots. The best I can get straight and level is 142. This needs to be fixed.

you’re lucky I struggle to pass 130

Indicated or true?

Indicated. I have the Mooney M20 and it’s comparable to the Bonanza in performance. I get 170+ on it. (Used to own a Turbo Mooney)

Yesterday I could get about 154 KTAS at 8000 feet with full throttle, prop pitch tuned to get 2500 RPM, and mixture tuned to have fuel flow around 13-15 GPH as per a copy of the POH I could find which said I should get 173-174 KTAS.

Not sure what I was doing wrong, or if the modeling is off, or what.

OK, my question was more out of curiosity than anything else. The stock Bonanza’s deficient performance is well documented in numerous threads on the forum. Fortunately there is an excellent community project Bonanza that is pretty much bang on: see here. And apologies: I am not sure of how to show the post in this post


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