[BUG/FEATURE] Cockpit Size and World Scale in VR

Imo, asobo need to do two things:

A) tune all their planes to look right out of the box.

B) add a VR world scale slider so we can finetune to our taste.

The Cessna 152 is child-size. And yes I have been in one, and yes it does feel like a toy yoke, but at least I fit inside the thing, but I most certainly wouldn’t inside asobo’s.


I have no issues with the cessnas or airliners. The ones I have issues with are the diamonds, ctl, and Virus,with vl3.

The seats are on the floor, the pedals are where my knees would be and my head sticking out of the side rail of the roof. Side to side scale looks fine, I really doubt those are scanned models like they claim.


The “Override World Scale” feature in SteamVR worked well for me to make the Cessna 172 feel more lifelike, at 115%. Unfortunately, SteamVR’s Motion Smoothing doesn’t work well or at all with the Reverb G2, so I’ve gone back to WMR as the OpenXR handler and just put up with the phonebooth cockpit.

I’m surprised a scaling option is not available through OpenXR - we definitely need this.

SteamVR motion smoothing never works with the G2. Regardless you’re using SteamVR or WMR as the OpenXR driver, the G2 will always use Microsoft motion smoothing.

I was referring to “Motion Reprojection” in the OpenXR Developer Tools for WMR, which I assumed was analogous to “Motion Smoothing” under SteamVR. With SteamVR set as the OpenXR driver, it does not use the Motion Reprojection of OpenXR, and (as we both noted) SteamVR’s Motion Smoothing does not work with Reverb G2. Therefore I have to stick with WMR’s OpenXR driver and put up with the phonebooth cockpit.

What is “Microsoft Motion Smoothing?” I don’t think I’ve heard of that before…is there a setting for that somewhere?


Reverb G2, OpenXR: for me the cockpits are also too small. Would be very helpful to have a factor to adjust.

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I was using the term “motion smoothing” in a relaxed way to name the feature in question only!

It’s not available anywhere in Oculus either, which is rather annoying. All my other sims, racing and flying, offer in-game settings for it so I have no idea why it was left out of MSFS. The sooner it gets added the better, as I feel like I’m flying model planes at the moment.


Originally, I don’t think the devs anticipated VR being as requested and popular as it turned out to be. I don’t want to call it an afterthought, however, I’m not sure how much more it was than that. As such, not only scale, but perspective has suffered as well. For example, and I’ll use a bit of real-world experience here.

IRL, when I sit in a Diamond DA-20 Katana, I can read all of the screens in cockpit, maybe lean in a bit for the fine print on the far right of the starboard screen… When I’m in VR of the 40NG (Closest in dimensions to the DA-20 and using the same glass cockpit), I can barely read the fine print of the screen directly in front of me… (using HP Rev G2 BTW scaling 100% in XR and FS), yet the seat seems to be 1.25 times larger than the real thing.

I think a couple of sliders, one for scale, and one for FoV (I know they may cancel each other out in aspects, but it might be the best way to be able to control these anomolies in vision… I’d like to at least have the option to try it!

Thanks for a great topic, OP!

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I play one sim which is still DX9 and has been out since 2013. Nobody can claim that VR was any kind of consideration for that one! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: The devs still managed to put a world scale adjustment in right from the start though.

The thing about world scale is that it isn’t set in stone anyway. It will always feel slightly different depending on the HMD being used, the way that HMD is set up, and the physical proportions of the person wearing it. That’s even more true on HMDs without a mechanical IPD adjustment. On a Rift S nearly every game I play makes me feel about 10-20% larger than I am… MSFS is the exception, making me feel like I’m an absolute giant.

Anyway, my point is that a scale adjustment should be available in all VR games right from the start. :+1:


Cockpits are not life like scale on VR. Several people have reported this. I’m sure this is an easy fix for the devs. Just wanted to create a threat for it.


A Simple key mapping for the zoom in/out should be sufficient. I did not check, but maybe there’s one (as mouse wheel does not work in VR).

This IRL pilot, in his video comments that the TBM 930/940 appears correct to him.

79 seconds into the video:

It does not feel like a zoomed out issue. It would actually need a shrink person / inflate world slider


Strange, the small aircraft for me feel quite like the small ones I’ve actually flew in. A C172 is exactly that in real life, shoulder against the door, other shoulder against the other pilot.

Now I must say that the yoke of the C152 seems a little small, but then again I never flew in a real C152. For me the opposite felt true for the Dreamliner, it felt huge, but it might be like that in real life also.


I’m not saying the OP is wrong, but I’ve noticed for most simmers who have not flown in a real GA plane before, it often comes as a surprise how small the cockpit really is. For example, the Beechcraft Baron is a lot tinier compared to what it appears like in 2d sims.


They feel smaller than I imagined sure but that was an issue with my own preconceptions not the sim.

I just checked to be sure: I found the width of the Cessna 172 cockpit online 39.5" (or 1003mm), I put a ruler on the table in front of me. Then I centered the view so that left side of the cockpit matches with the left of my ruler and I moved my head to the right side of the cockpit and it matches exactly with the correct length on my ruler.

Now you may also want to check the IPD setting of your HMD matches your morphology as that can influence your sense of scale but the in-game scale is set correctly!


Lol what a brilliant yet simple test :slight_smile:


Maybe this has something to do with specific VR headsets, IPDs, etc, but the cockpit is definitely too small for me.

Yes, I’ve been in a C152 and C172 in real life. It’s not just being familiar or not with the planes. For example, if I center my VR position, in most of the planes I’ve tried so far, I am just seeing above the glare shield, but if I just sit up a little bit straighter, I’m almost clipping out of the top of the fuselage. I am only 5’7" in real life. Also when I look down, toward the rudder pedals, It appears that my legs would be too long to fit in the space.

Are you sure this is not an issue with your eyepoint being set too high? You can reset it to be lower, if that’s the case. If the cockpit looks to small also sideways, then there is definitely an issue.