[BUG LOGGED] Color artifacts and rough gradient, clouds like oil painting

All my addons + 40gb of mods still works :man_shrugging:t3:

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I’m not brave enough. I’ve waited this long, my patience has been well honed by now, another few weeks won’t kill me. Ask me again though if the patch doesn’t drop in January.

I really think the volcanic clouds are more of a lighting issue vs. texture issue. If you have a chance fly above the clouds as you show in your pics.

Now look at the clouds being lit from behind, i.e. looking back towards the sun. Particularly when you have a relatively low sun angle you’ll will notice that most often they look darn good. The colors, shadows and shading appears quite realistic.

Now look in the other direction. These clouds are being lit ‘head on’ so to speak. These clouds should appear MUCH lighter (whiter) in color. They should also appear much more diffuse (fluffy). Yet these are the clouds that in the sim appear MUCH too gray, i.e. volcanic.

You can see what I am referring to in your 1st pic. I am assuming from the shadows these clouds are being front lit. There should be very little in the way of gray. Most should appear bright white as there seems to be no or very little in the way of overcast above them.

In the second pic we appear to be looking at the clouds from the side with the sun to our left. While this view looks quite a bit more ‘realistic’ the lighting/color is still way off. By that I mean too gray and too much in the way of shadows.

Anyway, I admit I could be and most likely am wrong on this but I really do think it is more lighting and color choice issue vs. cloud textures.

To me it’s almost as if Asobo is deliberately trying to make the clouds look more ‘menacing’ and dramatic than need be.

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a bit like this perhaps:


Precisely. Asobo, please study this photo of how clouds really appear in bright sunlight!

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Last night I flew and the cloud depiction was stunning. Tonight, well this what it looked like…

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Haven’t downloaded the SU7 patch yet so cannot comment first-hand. Having waited half a year for the SU5 introduced colourbanding to be fixed I’m bracing myself to be disappointed with the crazy live weather that I’m seeing it in lots of screengrabs posted on the forums. I fear waiting another half a year for this newest break-fix. It’s so hard to remain positive.

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Are those clouds supposed to look good? They look incredibly unnatural. Poor colours, poor textures, and you can so clearly see the ‘METAR hole’ with totally different weather to its surroundings.


They’re supposed to look better than that :grin:

Yes, my post is to say that yesterday, the clouds I was seeing were really stunning and realistic. Today, this volcano ash is what I’m seeing.

Just did a flight around Orcas Island WA and Live Weather took nearly the whole flight before it kicked in and then it was that volcano ash junk.


Ahh OK, I think the initial wording was a little unclear. Much better after your edit!

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it is any configuration on the nvidia control panel to look better clouds? they are too much pixelated

No, unfortunately that’s how they’re rendered.

so sad…disapointed

Downloaded the patch tonight. The patch downloaded fine. Put my add-ons back into community folder and went for a 15min tester flight with live weather around Dublin (setting time to mid-afternoon for this test). So colourbanding does indeed seem to be fixed, it’s been a long 6 months wait since SU5.

But live weather instead. First impressions? It’s a visual mess. Huge huge towering angry black coloumns of pixelated ‘cloud’. I have never seen anything like these in Dublin, it looked otherworldly. In real life there would be a gridlock on the roads as people stop their cars to bravely step out to gaze up and photo this spectacle.

Live weather like this is an absolute non-starter for me. Why did they do this?

Furthermore on two occasions the clouds just completely changed in an instant. On take off the low level cloud just blinked out of existence from one second to the next. Again on approach an entire cloudbank disappeared, one moment it’s there then the next gone. Magic.

Having flown frequently and happily pre SU5, my flights have since dwindled away. In November I recorded just 7 flights, in December 2 flights. Now in January just 15mins this evening to see the patch.

It is sad. Live weather (based on my experience tonight) is now another area of the sim, like ATC that I will just have to leave unused. I’ll just check the weather forecast for where I’m flying and learn how to apply presets.

Having been patient for so long this feels like a slap in the face. I cannot see how they can fix this before or with SU8. My hope is they allow us select legacy live weather as an option. But I am so tired of hoping now.


Echo your thoughts 100%.

When you watch the pre-release showcase video of the weather, it is absolutely nothing what we have now. Update after update they have taken key areas of the live weather away such as wind gusts, to what we have now. A totally broken weather system that doesn’t look good or accurately depict weather.


100%, it’s been a steady downgrade since SU5.


Since the issue with the colour banding has been fixed with the live build, it would be best to move discussions regarding grainy/pixelated clouds in the following thread instead.

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Are there volcanoes in Wales?!
Please, Asobo, please…!!


I don’t think the BBC weather app has an icon to depict pyroclastic flows.


Issue fixed in the latest update (