[BUG LOGGED] No wind gusts for Live Weather, broken for both PC and Xbox

Maybe they are working on the sliders part? In the notes it read that some additional work on the GUI is still needed.

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Maybe, one thing i don’t understand about it though is that why not bring the old that works back until they fixed it properly? I’m totally fine with the old in the meantime they working on it. Why release something that not working with su4?

I was kind of under the impression that the gusts were ninja-enabled in the backend, not part of this hotfix but earlier. It maybe just my imagination and placebo, but I could swear my planes have been rocking a lot lately.

Good question, my guess would be because it got somehow broken on the server side?

I don’t know about the live weather for sure.It’s limmited i know for sure. If METAR says like 19036G48KT the wind should varies between 36kts and 48kts values nothing else could be abit lower because 36kt is the avarage meassured windspeed and gust is the highest of that meassured avarage wind speed. It does not. It varies around 2kts up and down when standing still on the runway. above ground it varies only when you fly over objects on the ground like houses, trees or mountains and such things. If it’s gusty it should varies more or less all the time, now it doesn’t. The gusts should decrease the higher up you flying on ground though would be the most severe gusts. It’s more dangerous on ground than in the air because of the gusts when it’s a storm. Gusts should make the landings and takeoffs more of a challenge. Now without them it’s too easy in no matter what conditions it is.

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Wind on ground is half the value right now

Yes they are if we set them in custom weather in live weather the reported windspeed is correct. That’s a different bug though.

What makes me wonder is that the bug is just logged now. It’s been a couple of months, I suppose a number of zendesk tickets. And oh my, I remember those promotional videos.

… and Perry what do you say after yesterday’s hot fix? The release notes don’t mention a fix but I see the bug was finally logged. So there is hope. Congratulations.

I currently see a bit of quite artificially looking wing wiggle as opposed to nothing the previous weeks. So sth seemed to have changed although not being mentioned in the release notes. eg yesterday in about 24kts wind one rock back and forth and that was all the “turbulence”. Not nearly what you would be expecting isn’t it?


Perhaps we misunderstood the community triage update regarding the wind gusts? They said they have reactivated them BUT a UI work still needs to be done. Maybe they still have to work on that and only after that we’ll see the gusts again. I don’t understand why they couldn’t turn them on for live weather though.
I don’t want to sound like a ■■■■ hater, but they should really work on their communication.

It’s nice to see the bug is logged. But ■■■■, waiting more than a month for another sim update… that sucks.


you are absolutely right, I guess most of us understood exactly that. The wind gusts could (and should) be active with the live weather. We can definitely live without UI at the moment…it’s been such a long time without it. We can hope that now it’s a top priority bug, should really warrant a hotfix.


It’s good that it’s logged finally. I thought it should have been fixed by now when it said reactivated on the triage thing. Now it’s
logged and we shuld be happy for that they working on it. I will try to enjoy it as it is for now. It’s hard though to get the landings feel challenging.


And i think we should continue write about it here to have it active all the time.

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Wind gusts have been reactivated but some additional UI work is still needed. No further updates on timing.

Why was it deactivated in the first place?

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Considering the fact that wind gusts had been broken for a couple of updates, I doubt they will be fixed by the next update haha. Eye-candy first!

I’m wondering myself. Perhaps it’s just bad wording, or - a little conspiracy - it was yet another function of the sim they nerfed for newbie pilots to feel more comfortable flying for the first time. But I don’t think they would log this as a bug if that was the case.
I really hope it will get fixed in the next sim update at the latest. I don’t believe in another hotfix before that.

Nobody knows, they didn’t mention or said why they going to deactivate it. It just were deactivated in sim update 4.

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We can hope they changed approach with two sim updates in the next 2 months :slight_smile: For me a sim update should mean an update of the air/wind model and flight model first then the other things.


Some information about wind gusts.

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I second that 100%!!! Let’s hope and I’ll be pleased to run MFS2020 again by the way…


We have to ask tomorrow in the live Q & A when we will get the wind gusts back.

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