[BUG LOGGED] Shimmering/AA downgrade since SU5 (in-game, not menus/overlays)

I didn’t say change I said add to the title so that is more descriptive of what people are seeing whether that be caused by AA or something else…

The fact that Asobo cannot replicate also leads me to think its more than just an AA downgrade (especially as its so obvious that the buildings shimmer now!)

In fact I’ve made this suggestion as I cannot understand why such an obvious degrade only has 175 votes (at time of this post) :frowning:

Ah sorry I missed your point. Me too. It looks like not so many people experience the same level of degradation of visuals in quality and AA wise. Anyway, I hope it will be fixed by SU6 or by DX12.

Kind regards.

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Im also very unsure whether its AA related. I mean the AA is not perfect but most things appear fine.

Its really just the autogen buildings and trees at mid to far distance that shimmer. It really seems to be some attribute of the autogen stuff that causes it.

Has anyone tried this? Unfortunately I can’t access my PC the next 2 days.

i tried it, nothing changed for me

I tried recently. I’m not sure about the results but can say no significant change for sure. Still seeing shimmer and AA quality issues.

Got to spend some more time testing this weekend. Full disclosure, I’m a layman not a software engineer. Still,

My current hypothesis:

It seems to me that the sim is trying to boost by performance by only partially drawing buildings at “mid” distances. In particular, the engine holds off drawing rooftop geometry and rooftop textures until the plane is at a distance of X. Instead, the game just draws a flat surface for the roof. (I have no idea what controls X, but I believe the ability to increase X will create a dramatic improvement to fidelity at cost of performance).

As is, this drawing scheme causes problems for lighting and AA. The “light” hits this flat surface and creates “glare” (high white value). Then, because the surface is effectively a horizontal line when viewed at a low angle, this glare creates issues for AA— which struggles to deal with tightly packed, high contrast straight lines.

The only way to remedy this on the user end (that I know of) is by making the lines less tightly “packed,” e.g. by increasing the resolution of the image.

If I’m right-- then I hope Asobo considers giving users the option to adjust the draw distance on building geometry/textures just as they gave us the option to adjust the offscreen caching.

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I can and I thinks it’s a great suggestion. I will do the following in 24 hours if I don’t see too much opposition:

Change title to: “[BUG LOGGED] Shimmering/AA downgrade since SU5 (in-game, not menus/overlays)”

Add this at the top of the post:

Edit 20211011: added shimmering to the title of the issue, as it is one of the main unpleasant symptom of the issue: buildings (many report it to be more severe on autogenerated buildings) and trees that shimmer, even in active pause. It may also be that the shimmering is not related technically to AA (despite appearances) but to something else.


Tried it and saw no discernable difference.

No difference for me either. This used to work before but not anymore with whatever was altered recently.

Thanks japayannick I really hope this issue gets more attention as it is perplexing that so few either experience it or notice it.

I would make the title change slightly different and change your ‘shimmering’ to ‘buildings shimmering’ as I personally have only seen that characteristic degrade with SU5. I think the trees have always exhibited some shimmering since release (transparency in their textures being the cause) and I overcome this by turning off sharpening in the usercfg file. While this makes the image appear softer it’s not bad at 4k and the tradeoff is worth it.

Another thought occured to me - this issue appeared at the same time as Asobo changed the lighting balance (SU5) and I wonder if some non-linearity has crept into the pixel lighting calculations. This would certainly explain why the level of sunlight changes the amount of shimmering and there appears to be a distinct band in the image where it is worse. However lighting level also affects AA which is why this could still be the culprit although I believe Asobo have stated there were no TAA changes.

Thanks for considering this suggestion.


I experience this on my 38 inch native res @ 3840x1600
I can’t imagine how bad it’ll look for people on 1080p / 1440p displays

Are all other settings set to application controlled?

Topic title has been changed, with added update to explain the change


Yes they were.

In the Nvidia Control Panel, I turned Antialiasing Gamma Correction OFF and that fixed a lot of AA and shimmering issues with shore lines, the sun, clouds, building, and just overall ugliness.

I have noticed much of the same.

MSFS isn’t 100% cured by turning Antialiasing - Gamma Correction to “OFF”, but it is an improvement.

One other item I almost always change in NVCP is: Texture Filtering - Negative LOD Bias: set to "CLAMP"

I tried it as well but I did not see any difference. It seems to be just a placebo effect. At least for me that is.

You are right that it already existed to some extent before SU5. But it has gotten “night and day” worse since SU5, it was very much tolerable before.


Are you running Steam or the Microsoft store version? The reason I’m asking is because the Microsoft Store version seems to be more restrictive. For example, I can’t even select it in Nvidia Control Panel even if I select the .exe file. Steam games this isn’t a problem