Bugs still present after World Update 6

After waiting 1.5 months for World Update 6, a lot of bugs from Sim Update 5 are still present.

I wanted to make a running list of these bugs so Asobo is aware that they STILL need to be addressed

  • Anti-Aliasing still a big issue. Just as bad as Sim Update 5
  • No lights on AI planes. Vatsim is a ghost town and almost unplayable due to being unable to spot other planes
  • Mouse issues: the mouse still pops up, double vision, in VR while using a controller
  • Unable to disable White Dot (seriously? How hard can it be to add a “Enable/Disable” button in the settings menu?)
  • External view rotation speed severely capped compared to pre-Sim Update 5 even with Ultra terrain pre-cache
  • VR settings menu is missing the terrain pre-cache option (can be fixed in usercfg file for now)
  • Color banding in the skies
  • Time of day still cannot be adjusted precisely as Asobo removed the +/- signs from the weather toolbar
  • Missing walls from jetways still not fixed
  • Draw distance still reduced compared to pre-Sim Update 5
  • Ground objects still pop-in (Taxiway signs, etc)
  • Tooltips still enlarged and obtrusive (seriously? the old tooltips were excellent. Can we please have an option to have a true legacy mode for these and revert them back to Sim Update 4)
  • Eye with the arrow still pops up when tooltips are enabled
  • Slew mode controls still inversed
  • Clouds still do not look as good as they did pre-sim update 5
  • Cloud reflections on water still nerfed even at Ultra

Anyone else still experiencing bugs that haven’t been fixed that appeared as a result of Sim Update 5?


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