Bush MSFS flights

So sad. Before update 6 I was able to finish 3 trips. Even then it was extremely buggy and I had to refly lots of legs. But now 4/4 I started it won’t register the landing after the second or even the first leg. Sometimes I get the leg completed checkbox but mostly nothing. Either way it is not shown in the menu and impossible to progress.

The thing I notice now with bush trios, is if you look at each of the legs before you start one, it doesn’t have the name of the airport anymore, it has a resource name like WP_02_00

Can bush trips not use purchased airports? For example, the France bush trip had a leg at LFMT, among a few other airports currently in the marketplace. Do bush trips require going to the stock airports instead of pay ware? I’m wondering since now legs reference specific resource names.

There’s a bug that appeared with SU6.

Apparently, when you leave the bush trip (ie hit escape and go back to the main menu) or press continue, the SPB is saved incorrectly under LocalState\MISSIONS\ACTIVITIES. The formulas and conditions for AirportCalculator are missing in that file.

As a result, no landing is detected at the leg end. All bushtrips are affected by this. It sounds like this is the issue here as well.


Yes, would hold off doing any trips until a fix is out (hopefully soon). I assume it will require reflying legs / trips as the structure and files are out of sync.

Correct, although re-flying the legs currently doesn’t solve the problem. The funny/annoying as hell thing about this bug is that it’s hard to reproduce. I spent a few days trying to repro the bug on my end with a bush trip I created but wasn’t successful.

On the other hand, someone who had downloaded that same bush trip ran into the issue @fixento is having.

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Downloaded a new Bush flight. MSFS didn’t recognize landing at the first airport. Little doubt MSFS update has some serious flaws with Bush flights

Additionally Discovery flights do not show points or log time.

Unfortunately it been like this for a while. My Bush Trips are part of the sim thats unplayable.

I have the same problem, aircraft spiraling uncontrollably to the ground or sea,then respawning out of the water or in a forest instead of on a runway.This is so frustrating. Tried with no success to get round the glitch but I am giving up on the bush trips!

Same issues after the November MSFS update. The ordinal msfs bush trips don’t have POI, way points, the newer have POIs, however, the trips show in the pilot log but don’t show completed. Does anyone have a solution, since MS doesn’t seem to give a tinkers ■■■■.

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Right . They would rather tinker with something that doesn’t need tinkering

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Bush Trips over 160 complains about it in the last 6 month
Jayne brought it up in the last QA
Asobo said yes I think it is fixed in update 7 not sure.
Jayne thank you
Next subject.
If this is the way they handle problems with their QA I am sorry nothing will ever change
someone must take control of this mess. Another problem Asobo is a French Company nothing wrong with that but in the QA I only get about 50% what the Asobo people are saying. Microsoft get control of this or close it down. After one year of updates that fix some items and break others.
Sorry for my harsh words it is time to take control.
The attitude should be we will take whatever it takes to correct this sim no more excuse’s or it is a 10 year project. If it is it was not ready for paying customers.

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Completely agree

Don’t think it’s MS . I think it’s Asobo.
I believe msfs2020 was developed by Asobo not MS

I hate to be a pest, but, I removed all the bush flights, etc. in the Community folder. I copied a new bush flight in the Community folder and MSFS does not show it in the Bush flight listing. MSFS bush flights in Official are shown. I check the path Community, its in the same package folder as Official so I know it is correct. I load some additional bush flights and it still will not recognize anything in the community folder. Appreciate any ideas or suggestions.

they are in their own folder beside the air races.

I don’t understand, the Community folder is in the same folder as Official folder

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