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Hi there,
I have odd bug/issue. While flying in Bush trip (France/Spain), I’ve landed successfully at LFMB (Leg 5). When I was trying to continue to leg 6 (LFMB–>LFIP) the engine of the plane is off and I can’t start it (not using Ctrl+E) and not manual procedure.
There is enouge fuel, the starter is on, everytihng seems ok but the engine keeps circling while turning the key to the right but won’t start.
It never happened to me in the past.
I tried the same outside the bush trip option (same plane, same airport) , turning off the enigne and tuning it back on with no problem.
If I won;t find a way to fix it I won’t be able to continue with that particular bush trip (which I really enjoy).
I hope you’ll be able to help me.
Thank you in advance,
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Press and hold left CTRL key - then press R key (repair and refuel)

I have a similar problem. PC version from Steam.

On the Grand Alpine Challenge bush trip I stupidly managed to crash just before the end of first leg and it now restarts every time I try it in a field near the end of first leg with engine off. I can’t start the engine. When I turn the starter and hold it the engine comes to life but as soon as I release it goes off. Played around with various controls like throttle, etc with no luck. Fuel status OK and tried repair.

This happened about a month ago and I left it hoping the latest update would fix it since there seemed to be all kinds of reported problems with the bush trips, but no. Separate issue with legs not completing as others have noted elsewhere a problem for me too though!

Anyone else seen this problem and have a fix?

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