Bush Trip Sweden

So I just completed last leg of the Bush trip. Halmstad to Malmö. After I landed and was at a stop it said leg complete. But it is still on 80% and it should have said Bush trip complete I guess. Anyone else have this problem?
I play on Xbox

Hi p73s,
Try this, it worked for me on a different trip.
Fly the final leg again and when you finish go back to the MAIN MENU, not the bush trip menu.
When you then go back to bush trips from the main menu it should show 100%
Since SU5 (and XBox release) the legs do not ‘save’ properly unless you go back to Main Menu once a leg is complete.
I am a PC user, I hope the same trick works on XBox!

I will try again, Thanks. Are the bush trips current weather and time? I did the croatia one and always had daylight. My friend finished Sweden yesterday and he had daylight all the time. I have night time even though it is daytime

A bush trip landing is saved when the plane is landed and the engine is shut down and the alternator and battery master switch is shut down.
Sometimes the sim does this not anymore (also the flight log is sometimes not opening anymore after shutting down the plane) and going back to the main menu resets the bush flight to 0% (or the percentage where one has started).
This is a little glitch that should be fixed to enjoy these awesome bushflights again.

@Profsc410 that worked. I got it complete. Thank you

@GamingCat2130 Yeah lets hope they fix those glitches. I really enjoy the bush flights

Well done p73s! My own trick just failed me on the bush flight I am making and testing at the moment so there are some strange things going on since SU5.
The time and weather should be constant during a bush trip. Sometimes re-starting a leg can fix this. It is not always necessary to shut the plane down to trigger the end of a leg. That is up to the trip designer.
There are aspects of bush trips that definitely need fixing, don’t forget to put a Zendesk ticket in to move it up the priority list for Asobo.

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