C++ Assertion Error

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I’m still having an issue of unable to control the plane, no throttle and control at all

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Hi Guys, can anyone explain to me the mistake that came out of me?

I can’t get in … does anyone have any explanation?

may be


i meet the same issue,how to fix it?

Hi @HuggableKitty88! Welcome to the forum!
Try disabling any development program you may have that has any real-time debugging turned on.

This shows up because this DLL, MicrosoftGeospatialTiles.dll is a core module in the game which wasn’t compiled in release mode but debug mode. This assertion means there is a bug nonetheless in the DLL… And from the look of it, this might be a bug in a function parsing a file and expecting a certain “format”.

Moreover, this assertion has nothing to do at all with any development program installed on the end user computer, and even the fact the popup window is showing has nothing to do with it.

In short: these is nothing you can do but wait Microsoft releases release mode DLLs instead of debug mode DLLs.

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I have deleted the “Rolling Cache”. Under General Options>Data.
This worked for me.

Thank you so much for this! I just reinstalled MSFS after a long hiatus and found your post. I would have never figured this out.

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As @CptLucky8 says …

ASSERT expression are not evaluated in the Release version of a program, so somehow a debug version got distributed.

The question now is — Either Intentionally, or unintentionally ?? :shushing_face:

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Out of the blue I’ve got this message then CTD. Any idea ?

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Have you made any changes to the default map?
If so, undo those changes, and restart the sim.
If not, remove the file specified. (cut and paste outside of the sim folders, keep them though, just in case) and restart. MSFS will make a new file.

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may be helpfull existing topic


e.g. in case you have visual studio installed disable debugging stuff…

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Same problem, solution is to delete C:\Users%your username%\AppData\Local\FlightSimulator and Flightsimulator related files in C:\Users%your username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsApps

This solution didn’t work, I still have the same message.

By the way, if I make a research on my D drive for the file indicated on the error message I have a negative exit, whatever I dial (MicrosoftGeoSpatialTiles.dll for example).
Also because the line D:\a\1\s\src is a non existing path on my D drive.

Go to the link MichaMMA posted.
In there are several posts from Moderator Hester40MT.
Start with his first post, and go through all the steps on each post.

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this is ONE mentioned possible solution… have you visual studio installed ?

Click ignore (ignora)
Go to game settings.
Delete and turn off rolling cache - save changes and quit to desktop.

Launch msfs.

My rolling cache has always been off. Thank you anyway :grinning:

For the moment I’m living with it, ignoring the 5 files and going on. It works but I would like to have an official solution for that.