Camera shake during take off rolling / landing

In addition to having more realistic camera motion, I would also like to have the option to turn off camera motion completely! Its a pain in the behind when flying in turbulence or maneuvering, trying to scroll something into the flight guidance panel, Garmin etc. and ending up zooming in or out instead…

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It would be great if the cockpit view head position could be affected by the plane movement. For example when you land it feels that the wheels have no springs, rock solid. It should give you feedback on the feet x min impact for example. Same for turns and turbulence, too weak at the moment.

if you really want to add this effect make it optional, some people have motion sickness with this kind of effects.

Totally agree. That’s what is missing and makes xplane a much better simulator!

the idea is to have a camera shake during taxi and take off/landing roll. Something like small airplanes in the sim. They have that shake during taxi especially on grass airflields.

I turned off camera shake in the settings, but when I play it is still there, is this bug? please fix this

Its never completely off unfortunately, the view also tilts during turns which in real life does not happen for a coordinated turn…

I voted !

Now more and more flying the FBW A320 and my disappointment when landing/rolling out like on rails.

Microsoft, please consider that ! At the time of FSX there was EZDOK CAMERA add-on which was so great.


Voted! Camera shake is very immersive into Simulation. In the past i used the great tool Ezdok Camera (in P3D)

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Agree. FBW A320 is awesome but during take-off’s and landings it feels like going on rails. In fact I think the default A320 has better “dynamics” during take-off and when touchdown in the runway.

This was one of the reasons it took me over a year to get msfs. I always used ezdock cam or opus fsi with fsx and miss this feature. .
The reason I can live with it is called buttkicker. The fbw A320 has great sound and it makes takeoffs and landings really immersive. Also using trackir which makes the camera more dynamic.

Regarding an earlier post, I really like the slight tilt of the camera on banking rather than just tilting on a fixed axis. It feels like the pilot offset against the banking gravity pull. I find it more realistic, but that’s just personal opinion.