Can anyone explain why Nvidia driver 457.30 works so much better and the whole driver mess

Especially in VR, I can run a lot better with this driver while the latest drivers gave stutters to no end on the same settings.

I am not following Nvidias version history mess that closely, which has to many digits for my taste that are rolling in too fast (423266.2446476 game-ready blablabla…). What is 457.30 doing differently compared to the latest ones?

And why did I spent so much time tinkering when I am the customer? I know, I am being the unhappy chappy here, but all this tinkering reminds me a lot of the early 2000’s around the time the first DirectX was released and you bascically needed a computer science degree to get any game running on PC. I abandonded PC gaming for more than 15 years because of this when I was a teenager. Do not do this again to me Nvidia! No more driver mess, please! You are already losing tons of customers to consoles due to the current GPU situation. They are gone, and will not come back any time soon. And so will I if this driver mess starts again. I AM ANGRY!!! (just kidding, I am not, I am just exaggerating for effect)


Not the first time something like that happened. The drivers have to work for hundreds of graphics cards and even more different programs using different 3D engines, made by different developers etc etc. So when you optimise something for one game maybe you make it worse for another.
I just keep the driver that works best for me and be done with it. :slight_smile:

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Well, not hundreds. It works for their GTX/RTX cards. And APIs are OpenGL/DirectX/Vulkan(maybe). So the coverage is actually rather limited.

I must say, I recently got my old PS3 out and played Uncharted 3 again. It was so easy and comfortable.
Might just leave PC gaming again. This is quite a mess, strong flashbacks to when I was sitting in front of my Pentium PC and nothing worked.

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That’s why I still use 457.30, not getting hyped by this" new nvidia drives will run better "
nonsense…457.30, forever be!!
Been using it since fs2020 released and works very well for my other 2 sims too!!

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what I meant was for each chip there’s many different manufacturers with different OC or non-OC versions. That’s where the “hundreds” came from :slight_smile:

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I mean, right? It is like Nvidia has hired too many devs at some point that they can not fire anymore and now they need to keep them busy. Every few weeks a new driver. Have they lost their mind? It is like they actively want to destroy the PC ecosystem by being as customer unfriendly as possible.
Just look at this list.

I have built my computer exclusive for MSFS and the 457.30 driver works flawlessly with my 2080TI, I think this driver was the latest one that was optimized for the RTX 20 series, so I will keep this excellent driver until I upgrade my GPU.


Can anyone explain why good news about 466.63 is ignored here ?

There’s a large, merged topic here about NVidia drivers, the mods have put 466.63 in the title…

"Nvidia has hired too many devs " :yum: lol

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Is this even true?

I recently tested the “wonder driver” (457.30) versus the most recent one at the time (466.27) and it did not make a lick of a difference. To insult to injury both drivers give me stable 40 fps with an older (CPU 4790K and GTX 1070), but I did spend a lot of time optimizing it.

When people with 20xx and 30xx have problems I do not know the reason, but maybe they need to work in other areas, fine tune detail (NOT everything on ULTRA guys) instead of looking for blame with Asobo and driver version numbers.


Same here. Zero difference between 457.30 and the latest drivers with my GTX1070.


The most recent one is 466.63 pal… your experience with 466.27 sais nothing about the april version. Word goes, this 466.63 was especially tweaked to solve some MSFS issues. Just try it, don’t wait for Windows, click the link

People said the same.

I will now repeat my measurements for every new driver for all eternity.

Also I was gonna install the new driver today anyway, maybe you misunderstood what I wrote.

Latest drivers are on par with 457.30 with my 2070Super using VR

:nerd_face: if you enjoy that… why not ? and please count the number of CTD’s and publish the info here.

A lot of us Radeon RT5700XT owners suffer a similar situation. We can only use a driver that was released Oct 10, 2020. Drivers after that cause CTDs in MSFS.

Whatever the cause of these things… For NVidia owners with MSFS the 457.30 has been the magic answer for a long time… and let’s hope 466.63 will gain the same status. It’s nice to use a recent one.

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Agree 100%! I don’t like resolving my CTDs through the use of a 7 month old driver. The first question you get from tech support includes “are your drivers up to date?”.

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I always use latest drivers, and they works perfect with my 2070 super, its just plain stupidity to hang on to older drivers, just like those who never want to leave win 7, learn how to optimize instead


This has to stop at Nvidia side. Nobody who is not a tech expert knows what’s going on anymore.
466.63, 466.27, 457.30, 711.00, 111.745,101.**…this is the most customer unfriendly practise and will sure fire drive people to consoles (that do not have Nvidia chips as I recall…). Slow down Nvidia and make more solid releases.

Nvidia admitted that their drivers from the past months had a VR bug at source level. Do not always use latest&greatest that they rush out…

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