Can someone please link (VR Setup Guide)

Can someone send me the setup guide link? I can not find it…

thats because there isnt one.

I dont know how there isnt anymore support or guides at all.

@Lonestar2123, give these a try, and feel free to post in the forum if you have specific questions.

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Ah… I got told by some dude in their discord that “Theres a guide and you obviously didint read it”… Very helpful community… haha


yeah, those would be helpful if it told us something we dont know.

Theres no official support for any troubleshooting, seems like you have to rely on the community to help you figure out any issues you are having.

That welcome guide barely tells you any information at all.

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@PumpkinPanda854, I assume you are talking about your Crash to Desktop post. Troubleshooting a CTD isn’t unique to VR, and could be related to anything. I would start with looking at the logs in the Windows Event Viewer. (info on that can be found here) Would then put some more info in your post so others can help. Since this topic was marked solved, closing it for now.